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NBA Playgrounds Makes Roster Unlock Available

NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playgrounds producer Saber Interactive has released a Roster Unlock add-on for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (through Steam) versions of their popular arcade basketball title.

The add-on will allow you gamers to unlock all current players and every free player that will be added in the future. The add-on sells for $9.99 USD (international prices may vary).

All of this will surely be interesting to many fans, but is it a good move for the game? The devs claim that this feature was one of the most requested things by the community, but on the other hand the game was based on mechanisms like leveling up and unlocking stuff, therefore it can be considered an important change of direction from the original game flavor.

Recently, Saber Interactive announced that the title sold over 500,000 units, therefore the $9.99 add-on has the potential to guarantee a good stream of revenue to the gaming producer.

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