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Best PS2 Games of All Time


The Sony PlayStation 2 was the second video game console released by Sony in 2002. It was a successor to the PlayStation and predecessor to the PlayStation 3. The representative of the sixth generation of game consoles, PS2 become the best-selling and most popular video game console in history. By 2011, almost 155 million copies had been sold worldwide.

High-profile PS2 games, whose graphics and sound were revolutionary at the beginning of the 21st millennium, made a splash with audiences worldwide. No wonder that at the present time, many gamers choose to refrain from playing modern games, fully convinced that there is nothing cooler than PS2 creations. Indeed, PS2 titles were imbued with a spirit of entertainment and ardor every avid gamer wants to experience. If you want to relive happy childhood moments and mourn your lost PS2 console, you can relax. With the emergence of emulators, special programs that can mimic any console hardware, anyone can start running PS2 titles on their PCs right now. All that’s required is to download a stable PS2 emulator onto your computer, get your favorite games (ROMs) and have fun!

Speaking of favorite PS2 games! Apart for the most popular PS2 games half the world used to play back in the day, there were dozens of other worthwhile titles published by Sony PS2 which you definitely must check out.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Of all the games of the Metal Gear franchise, Sons of Liberty was arguably the most anticipated one. Fans of the Metal Gear game series were more than astounded with the new game’s incredible sound, superior graphics, realistic characters, and captivating quests. More weapons at your disposal, more bad guys to combat, and more people to rescue from the environmental disaster… If you want to immerse yourself into the thrilling atmosphere of anti-terrorist operation, go get the PS2 ROMs for your favorite game and start playing immediately!

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is a complex mixture of the subconscious, supernatural, and real. Sophisticated allegories, philosophizing, and brain-blowing conundrums make Silent Hill one of a kind. In this game, players need to help James Sutherland unravel the mystery of his wife’s demise. Still, the mission gets more complicated as scary monsters and otherworldly apparitions begin to interfere with the protagonists’ plans. We are more that sure that true connoisseurs of psychological riddles won’t miss the opportunity to play this title again.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is not a continuation of the original game of Prince of Persia and, unlike the first game, is not a platformer, but an action game. Nevertheless, the gameplay remained largely the same, which involved moving through multi-storey buildings, constantly performing complex acrobatic tricks, which is interrupted with periodic fights with enemies.

The game received critical acclaim. It was praising it for its excellent graphics, convenient and exciting gameplay, and intriguing storyline. The game has won many awards and has become one of the greatest games of all time.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is arguably the funniest and the most morally challenging title ever published by PS2.

There were no moral restraints for you! You could be a Mafioso drug lord who could shoot cops and law obedient citizens and go away with such atrocities. You had tons of weapons at your disposal which ensured your safety and intactness of your belongings. Players could freely engage in street fights, commit drive-by shootings, and set cars, people, and houses ablaze. Of course, such actions are difficult to justify, but lowliness and the sweet sense of impurity are what were peculiar about Grand Theft Auto and what ensured the game’s popularity.

Resident Evil 4

The list of the top PS2 games would be incomplete if we fail to include Resident Evil 4 on it. The objective of that serious was to save the President’s offspring from the mobs of hungry brain-eaters infected with some unknown virus.

Laser sights, ability to shoot to the limbs and launch projectiles made the game exceptionally dynamic and exciting. Moreover, in the given version of Resident Evil, players finally got the opportunity to interact with the environment, which diversified the gameplay a good deal. More fun mini-games and unlockable content were incorporated into the fourth version, as well. So, if you miss good old heroes and bloodthirsty zombies, don’t hesitate to get exceptionally cool ROMs for Resident Evil 4.

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