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Canadian Football 2017 Hits The Field This June

Canadian Football 2017

Canadian Football 2017 is ready to showcase the sport of football in a new way this June.

Fielding 12 players on the gridiron, three downs per drive, and no fair catch, there are some big differences in the rules that Canadian Football 2017 will be enforcing to counter the American game’s common rule book.

There are more differences that should have fans excited about Canadian Football 2017 than just rules though.

A big emphasis has been put on a faster game play. A shorter window to pick plays and get right back into the action requires the user to think fast on his or her feet. The players and game speed are kicked up a notch from your standard Madden drive while also adding unique snapping mechanics to set your receivers in motion then snap the ball. In the CFL this is called “the Waggle”.

Canadian Football 2017
A look at the play field in Canadian Football 2017. Photo: Canuck Play

The game will feature some classic mechanics such as a bullet pass or a lob pass being thrown by how long you press the designated receiver button. Jukes, jumps and dives will be a key aspect of the push down field along with a fatigue meter will drain the more exhausted a player becomes, resulting in slower running speed and fumbles.

Canadian Football 2017 will feature nine teams which may not sound too familiar:

  • Toronto Wild Hogs
  • Ottawa Lumber Jacks
  • Montreal Ducks
  • Calgary Cowboys
  • Regina Knights
  • Hamilton Stingers
  • Winnipeg Corsairs
  • BC Timber Wolves
  • Edmonton Rhinos

This is because the Canadian Football League has been reluctant in throwing their support behind developer Canuck Play even though they gained the support of Microsoft and business community of Peterborough where their offices are located.

Canadian Football 17 will run about $15.00 USD/$20.00 CAD and will offer one quick play mode.

The console version will not have customizable players, jerseys, and logos this time around but seem hopeful for the future. The PC version however has open source files and can be easily altered by anyone with the know-how.

This leads me to believe that custom jerseys aren’t the only thing that will be painted over these warriors or even changing entire fields into different environments to play on.  It is exciting to see the Canadian version of one of the most popular sports is getting a virtual rendition.

If only the CFL would recognize that and make a fair deal to give Canadian Football 2017 all the rights it deserves to make it a true Canadian Football game.

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