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Launch Delayed – Super Mega Baseball 2 to Release Spring 2018

super Mega Baseball 2 Delayed

Metalhead Software announced Super Mega Baseball 2 will be delayed. Instead of their original September 2017 date, the game is now set to release Spring of 2018.

Launch Delayed

Scott Drader from Metal Head Software commented saying “As it often goes in game development there were unexpected hurdles, and the September release is no longer feasible. We’ve been working around the clock to complete the game but there are still features that aren’t finished yet. And where we’re sitting now, to release it by September would mean having to cut a lot of corners. And we do not want to give you a game that you won’t be happy with.”

The new date gives the team time to undoubtedly improve the game. Baseball fans now have something to look forward to once Spring Training rolls around next year. Scott Drader stated in a video that Super Mega Baseball 2 is also set to have online features and more exclusive content.

The full game drops next year but you will be able to play the game early. There will be a beta for Super Mega Baseball 2 in the near future. Drader mentions “A beta is something we always wanted to do but it was not going to fit into the original timeline but with the revised date that is something that is going to happen.” Once there is an announcement on a clear date for the beta, we will be sure to keep you updated. Super Mega Baseball 2 will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Also, check out new Super Mega Baseball 2 content where you get to see the improvements on lineup management and rosters.

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