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Disc Jam Patch 1.08 Released

Disc Jam

For the most competitive of us in the crowd, Disc Jam has released a first pass of personal stats and leaderboards.

While continuously developing new features and content based on user feedback, High Horse Entertainment’s patch 1.08 has many tweaks and fixes to improve and expand gameplay.

Patch Notes

Stats and Leaderboards

Personal, Friends, Global stats and more have come to the “STATS” button on the main menu in this newest patch. This fuels the competition even further tracking information like:

  • Aces
  • Juiced Conversion Percentage
  • Lobs
  • Perfect Throw Percentage
  • Points Scored
  • Skill Rating
  • Win Percentage
  • and More!

There is now the ability to select another player from the leaderboard and see how you stack up against the them in the global community or just your circle of friends with the new stats and leaderboard update.

Skill Ratings

Provisional matches have become the way of popular esports. Disc Jam has also decided to go this route with 10 provisional matches to determine skill ratings.

This rating will help place you in a local and global ranking system to aid in matchmaking placement that reflects upon your skill.

Lobs Update

Lobs are now based on timing. A poor timed lob can take longer to land and are more susceptible to perfect/supers.

Buffs and Nurfs

  • Increased Haruka’s slide speed and length
  • Increased Haruka’s perfect throw speed and juiced throw speed
  • Slightly reduced Makenna’s speed and acceleration

Audio and Visual Tweaks

  • Addition of requested flags
  • Updated footstep sound effects
  • Player Emblems
  • Adjusted Scale of the patterns on Haruka’s skins

Bug Fixes

  • Face buttons on the controller don’t trigger repeat button presses in the User Interface when held down.
  • Cleaned up artifacts in Haruka’s animation


You can check here for more details or simply check out the patches included with the download from your respective platform of play.

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