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Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football Announces Partnership with Phil Steele’s College Football

Maximum Football 2018

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football has added another partner to their game, as today they announced an agreement with Phil Steele’s College Football. As part of the deal, Maximum Football will include Phil Steele’s College Football and its branding in its all-new U.S. Dynasty Mode, which will be a part of Maximum Football 2019.

In a press release, David Winter, the president of Canuck Play, said he is honored to be partnering with Phil Steele’s College Football, as Steele is one of the best college football analysts today. “Phil Steele’s College Football magazine is known as one of the popular and trusted sources for College Football information and I think our community will love to see the Phil Steele branding within Dynasty.”

Phil Steele’s College Football

Phil Steele said that he is “very excited” to be partnering with Maximum Football, and to be able to “add to the College Football experience they are bringing back to game consoles.”

Steele is known as arguably one of the best college football analysts, and is on the voting committee for every major postseason award given to the best college athletes in the U.S., including the Heisman Trophy. In addition, his preseason College Football publication is widely-known, as he breaks down and predicts how well each team will during the season.

Maximum Football 2019

Maximum Football 2019 will feature an all-new U.S. Dynasty mode, featuring 27 Canadian teams and 130 U.S. teams. Phil Steele’s College Football will be used in the branding of the game mode on the in-game recruit and rankings and statistics screens.

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 is scheduled for a September 2019 release.

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