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eSports Boxing Club – SGO’s Most Anticipated Game of 2021

Let’s say you’re a football fan, like me. I would love to play football. Unfortunately, I am small and pasty, and even before the pandemic weight I could not hang on the gridiron. So, I boot up the latest Madden title, or I fire up Axis Football, and I create Jake Jacobson. Modern problems, modern solutions. If I’m a boxing fan? Well, how far back do I want to look? Fight Night Champion was good, but it came out a decade ago. The lack of a modern option is only part of why Steel City Interactive’s eSports Boxing Club is SGO’s Most Anticipated Game of 2021.

Why eSports Boxing Club Leaves us Shivering

A lack of boxing games alone wouldn’t be enough. After all, boxing games are still being released, including one that came out on the Nintendo Switch literally this year. A game like eSports Boxing Club becomes most anticipated because it leaves us wanting more. They talked the talk in a series of well-produced announcement videos that detailed the largest roster in the history of boxing games. However, a big ‘ol list of names doesn’t necessarily make a good video game.

So, eSports Boxing Club walked the walk as well. Starting in late 2020, Steel City Interactive teased impressive in-game renders of boxers. This year, they started releasing gameplay. They also responded to feedback on those gameplay trailers, and as a result, each one looked better than the last. Of course we can’t stop thinking about it, it looks fun as hell.

The Problems With Anticipation

The game’s inclusion and victory in this category reveals my biggest worry about it: how much longer will we have to anticipate eSports Boxing Club? The game was initially slated to be in Early Access in December of 2020, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and growing scope of their project pushed that date until there was no date at all. Honestly, that’s understandable. Take your time and make a great boxing game for your great boxing fans. Hopefully, the game won’t be eligible to join Elden Ring as a two-time Most Anticipated champion.

Most Anticipated Game Voting

  • eSports Boxing Club (ESBC) (54% of the vote)
  • Skate
  • WWE 2K22
  • Gran Turismo 7
  • AEW Console Game

Voting for the SGO Awards was done by the SGO Staff and members of the SGO community on our official Discord server. It’s open to everyone, and is a great way to meet and hang out with other sports gamers as well as get some insight into the gaming industry.

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