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Amazon’s Crown Channel Hosts Galactic Gaming Tournament CLICKSPORT-1

Did you know that Prime Gaming (formally Twitch Prime) has original programing? Like Da Clip Show, which is… an online clip show? What about the fact that Dan Fogler (Luke from The Walking Dead) is bizarre galactic video game emperor Xoc Aventus? Starting tonight on the Crown Channel, Xoc Aventus will be challenging all gamers to the first Clicksport-1 tournament.

Xoc Aventus, host of Clicksport-1
Just look at this guy.

The Crown Channel press release describes Clicksport-1 as “an out-of-this-world, three-day gaming tournament featuring five mythical nations competing in video games.” Only one of our five “mythical nations” can be crowned the Best Gaming Nation. What makes the nations mythical? Are they space nations? It’s unclear, but Emperor Aventus is pitting them against each other simply for his own amusement. Or, so he says in the trailer, declaring Clicksport-1 his “revenge on the planet Earth.

“What did we do to deserve this?”, you may rightly ask. What brought this blue meanie to our tender, pandemic-scarred planet? In what ways did we cross someone with those pecs? In a year like 2020, maybe we should be thankful cosmic for revenge as mild as a large-scale streamer gaming event.

What does it take to win the Universal Crown?

Clicksport-1 will feature five teams of streamers and celebrities competing for the title Best Gaming Nation in the Known Universe. The Clicksport competitions feature a surprisingly wide range of game genres. The trailer features three free-to-play games. Online tank battler World of Tanks, fast-paced loot shooter (schlooter?) Warframe, and mobile survival game Last Day on Earth. Participants in the galactic battle include participants in another Crown program, Chasing the Crown. ChelseaBytes, winner of the titular Crown, will be joined by runner-ups RedVacktor and beewhyan.

The battle for the galaxy’s best gamer begins September 23rd at 8:00 PM EST. The tournament lasts three days, ending Friday, September 25. You can catch all the action live on Amazon Prime Gaming’s Crown Channel following this week’s episode of Da Clip Show.

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