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Call of Duty World Championships: Winner’s Bracket Round 1

The world’s elite is here at the Call of Duty World Championships in Los Angeles, CA. Europe and North America still have some of their best teams in the winner’s bracket.

Envyus took out Optic Gaming in the first match of the bracket stage last night, but today they get to play against Faze Clan. Before this match, Faze had yet to drop a single map with a 12-0 score. Envyus took that as a challenge and quickly 3-0ed Faze. Each map was an absolute stomp by Envyus. Faze looked like they had no idea how to handle a first map defeat and quickly fell to Envyus and fell to the loser’s bracket. NV Slasher went huge in this series, he lead the way with a 1.28 series Kill/Death ratio.

Rise Nation has always been a solid contender in the COD World League. They are currently owned by a professional football player for the Los Angeles Rams. They were facing off against Luminosity Gaming in round one of the winner’s bracket. This was a 3-0 series that Rise Nation took, but the score did not really dictate how the games went. RN showed that they could close out games a lot better than LG could. RN Octane looked the most impressive for the team, leading the way with a 1.17 KDR.

Team Elevate faced off against Cloud 9 in their next series. Elevate came out victorious after a smooth 3-0 performance. The first Evac Hardpoint map was close due to the 250-221 score. The Fringe Search and Destroy was just as close with a 6-5 victory for Elevate. The last Evac Uplink was the only map that got out of the hands of Cloud 9. Elevate took the series with a commanding 19-3 finish. Elevate’s Aqua went absolutely nuts with a 1.38 KDR.

The only exciting match of the winner’s bracket so far has been between Splyce and FAB Games. Splyce looks to be the better of these two European teams after the first two maps because they just crushed them. The next two maps went back to FAB. FAB is being considered as a tier 2 European team, and Splyce is being considered a tier 1 team. After today people might think differently as FAB Games came out victorious, 3-2.

Winner’s bracket round one is just the start for winner’s bracket matches today. There are a lot more matches to be played at Call of Duty World Championships, stay tuned to Sports Gamers Online to get all of the recaps throughout the tournament.

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