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Games With the Biggest eSports Prizes


The coverage of eSports continues to grow, and as a result, the tournaments are gaining more attention. Most people’s attention is on the potential earnings associated with eSports.

What is the biggest eSports prize one could win? This is the billion-dollar question at the moment as more and more wins get recorded. There is a lot of money involved in eSports, and people are wondering which games they should play to get the biggest prizes.

eSports’ competitive scene has contributed significantly to its popularity. Strong players have great opportunities to walk away with worthy prizes because of this. It is best to play the games that stand out as they’re the most suitable for winning as a beginner.

Here are the top four games players can participate in to get lucky.

1.  Dota 2

If you want to participate in eSports’ most established competitive tournaments, then Dota 2 is your way in. The annual Dota 2 World Championship is a popular event that involves a lot of money. Also known as TI or The International, this tournament attracts players from all parts of the world.

The cash prizes won on Dota 2 break the record for the largest eSports prize pool. Throughout history, no game has ever offered bigger cash prizes than Dota 2. The cash prizes now amount to more than $38 million.

It is not the first time this game has broken the record; this trend has been on since 2013. It has had the most lucrative prize pools for seven successive years.

Money on offer in all Dota 2 championships is undeniably life-changing. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to get a piece of the cake. If you want to check out the latest betting odds and features for eSports, then use this website to find out all you need to know.

2.  Fortnite

Next on our list is Fortnite, a game that’s just as popular as Dota 2. It seems like almost every household today has an individual who plays Fortnite. This game’s popularity has been soaring since 2017 when it was released.

Over the years, Fortnite has successfully established a competitive scene thanks to its huge financial rewards. You can participate in tournaments for a chance to win like others have.

Fortnite’s World Cup Tournament has two main events; the Fortnite Duos and the Fortune Solo. In 2019’s finals alone, these two had a combined prize pool of over $30 million.

This record is enough proof that the game’s competitive scene is aggressively progressing. The event was held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, and its eight-figure prize pool highlighted how significant this occasion was.

Fortnite has held tournaments in previous years, but none was as successful and impactful as the one in 2019. Most of them had a seven-figure prize pool, which was nothing close to what Dota 2 has been achieving over the years. It is the 2019 tournament that put this game on the map as the prize pool was big enough to challenge Dota 2.

3. League of Legends

League of Legends is quite an influential eSport, and this doesn’t come as a surprise because it hosts over 2400 tournaments. All of League of Legends’ tournaments are competitive and recognized globally.

As a result of its popularity, players of this game enjoy big cash prizes. League of Legends is yet another eSport with a big prize pool. It recorded its biggest prize pool in 2018 when it hit $6.4 million.

As a globally recognized game, League of Legends has had international teams that participated in its World Championships. They have been playing against each other since League of Legends’ first iterations in 2011.

The 2019 World Championship won awards for Best eSports Event and Best eSports Game at the Game Awards. The game was recognized due to its uniqueness and competitive scene. These awards have caused an even bigger growth in popularity for the game.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Lastly, we have Call of Duty, which is a modern eSport that managed a prize pool of $4.6 million in 2020’s Championship. The team that took first place in the tournament went home with $1.5 million.


We hope to see continual growth in popularity for different games in eSports. eSports players are anticipating more lucrative prize pools and the opportunity to win. Its competitive scene guarantees players big wins each year. As technology keeps advancing, so do more people gain access to eSports. If you have never participated in eSports, you should find out what you have been missing.

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