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Melco to Build eSports Stadium in Japan – Could This Be the Start of a New Trend?

In a short space of time, eSports have grown to become the next big phenomenon in entertainment and pop culture. In 2012 the market was worth $130 million, but in 2018 that figure has drastically climbed to $906 million. The lucrative sector has now attracted the attention of the casino industry, which wants to get involved with it as closely as possible.

Melco Resorts & Entertainment recently announced that they plan to put an eSports stadium in a new casino they are building in Japan. The idea behind the project is to create an integrated experience and attract millennials who are interested in competitive gaming in the process. Land-based casinos need to embrace technological innovations if they are to keep up with their online counterparts, and this could be the start of a new trend which sees a greater number of casinos incorporating eSports.

Melco is one of the first operators to show an interest in eSports. The huge entertainment company already has an eSports stadium at one of its casinos in Macau and has recently announced that there will be more to follow. The operator wants to attract more Chinese tourists to its upcoming Japan ventures and believes that eSports will be a key factor. As the online casino industry has pulled ahead in recent years, land-based casinos need to use technology more to avoid becoming outdated.

Booming Online Casino Industry a Big Factor in this Development

The online casino industry is growing exponentially, and has long threatened to render land-based casinos obsolete in the future. The sector has continually found it easy to integrate new technological advancements and move ahead of the times in terms of gambling offerings. Because of this, the global revenue from it is rising each year, with a projected market size of $59.79 billion in 2020. There are now so many sites to choose from that players need to use comparison and review sites to find out where to play. At Bonus Source, the best bonus picked just for you is available on the site, with operators like LeoVegas offering 222 free spins and sign-up bonuses.

Land-based casinos can’t possibly compete with promotions like these, so they need to think of other ways to keep up and bring in modern gamblers who may be more used to playing online. ESports could be the ideal way to do this, and enticing customers to the casino venues to watch the competitive video gaming competitions could also lead them to play games in the casino.

With eSports on the rise and soon to be challenging traditional spectator games for supremacy, they will become unavoidable. There is a high chance that casinos will be the frontrunners in the rise of eSports stadiums over the next few years as they seek a way to keep up with their online counterparts.

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