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NBA 2K eLeague Salaries, Benefits And Other Major Details

NBA 2K League Draft

The upcoming NBA 2K eLeague is definitely one of the most interesting and exciting things in esports. Many were wondering what the salaries would be for the players. Recently, an interesting post by Stephen Harrison shed some light on what the contracts for the players will be.

NBA 2K eLeague Salaries and Benefits

This month, the National Basketball Association will draft 102 players for their brand new eLeague. These gamers will receive contracts worth $64,000 to $70,000 per year (but re-signed every six months). The contract includes housing, medical insurance, a retirement plan and the possibility to sign their own sponsorship deals.

Matt Holt, NBA vice president of global partnerships, told Engadget last year that he considers their new NBA 2K League their fourth branch, comparable to the minor G League, the WNBA, or even the NBA itself.

17 NBA teams will play in the inaugural season of the NBA 2K League. Eventually, all the regular-season NBA teams are expected to have their eLeague counterpart. The idea behind it is for them to complement each other. NBA 2K League will begin in May and run through the summer, right during the NBA off-season.

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