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Most Popular eSports Games for Students

Being a student nowadays is not easy. Well, let’s be honest: it never was. No matter if you study offline and visit classes regularly, or spend the entire day at your home computer desk or dorm apartment bed due to the remote studying limitations. Sometimes, you’ll definitely want to pay for an essay and just relax alone or with your roommates.

The pandemic closed the entire planet inside their house boxes nowadays. As a result, the main entertainment and communication channel is the web. It’s where students consume media contents, look for essays help online, and study. But when you’re completely bored, it’s time to try something different.

Nowadays, you probably won’t find a person who never played video games before. So, here are titles that almost any PC can run with playable FPS. Check the list, and maybe you’ll find something new to try for yourself there.

The first part of the list includes competitive online games. These won’t be too challenging for your system to launch them. Moreover, multiplayer projects can bring a lot of fun regardless of the way you play them: solo, or with friends. Each game of the eSports category is easy to learn but hard to master.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The part of the legendary series that became legendary itself. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (aka CS:GO) is the world’s most popular first-person shooter. The game is focused on intense fights between squads of terrorists and counter-terrorists aiming to eliminate each other. It will require a lot of practice and tactical thinking to outplay your opponents and lead your team to victory.


Fortnite is a young but famous esports discipline. The rise of this third-person “battle royale” shooter began with the overwhelming popularity among teenage gamers, and this game reached the worldwide scale quickly due to the immense fan base. Compete with dozens of other players (or squads) on a huge map to become the last one standing!

Dota 2

Dota 2 is the descendant of that epic Warcraft III mod originally named Defense of the Ancients (DotA). A single enthusiast mod then resulted in a new gaming genre called MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) More than 100 characters to pick as your avatars, each having unique abilities and features. Dozens of artifacts to come up with your best item build. Each game session is unique.

And of course, DotA 2 is a synonym of huge eSports potential. It has the biggest prize pools among all esports games: the last Dota 2 The International (the “local” world championship) had over 30 million as prize money for participants. Play alone or with your friends, and maybe one day you’ll be standing on the scene among the best!


It’s the pioneer hybrid game from the outstanding developers of Blizzard Entertainment. Although it may seem to be another first-person shooter, Overwatch is a unique combination of FPS and MOBA genres giving the explosive cocktail to play for both eSports enthusiasts and casual gamers just willing to kill some time on weekends. Pick your character, team up with five more players, and compete with the rival team to find out whose skill is better!

League of Legends

This one is also a MOBA game. While DotA 2 is the most financially successful eSports title, League of Legends (aka LoL) by Riot Games is the most popular competitive online game ever. With over 100 million players worldwide, League of Legends is responsible for countless sleepless nights in student dorms for sure.

The other advantage of LoL is the transparent player ladder system. If you’re interested in building your eSports career, League of Legends has a lot to offer. They even organize local and global tournaments between student teams. Will you use a chance?

Single Player Projects

Not every student wants to team up and communicate with others while having the opportunity to rest. There are thousands of single-player video games for you to try after ordering an essay writing service and getting some more time for yourself. Here are three projects of three different genres to excite you with their great stories and gameplay features.

Half-Life 2

The franchise by Valve is rightfully called a storytelling masterpiece. Fascinating adventures of Gordon Freeman in the future world of anti-utopia will make you worry, smile, rage, and cry. All three episodes of this shooter are worth attention. Though, be advised: the story is not over yet, although the last episode available was released more than 13 years ago, in October 2007.

Dragon Age: Origins

Do you like fantasy worlds with dragons, elves, magic, and truly epic stories? If yes, then Dragon Age: Origins by Bioware will make you forget about the real world for a long time. This classic RPG is a real gemstone of game development, and it’s just worth every second you spend playing it. Make your way through all trials to turn from a regular person into a true hero, and defeat the great evil in a legendary battle!

The Banner Saga

The last trilogy on the list is a stylish turn-based fantasy RPG. Your decisions and words matter a lot and have real consequences on the way to the final. There are no good and bad characters in the story-driven world of The Banner Saga, only personalities with their reasons and deeds. Where will your ones lead you and your followers?

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