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Team EnVyUs Wins the Call of Duty World Championships

The Call of Duty World Championships has finally come to an end. The top teams around the world met in the Forum in sunny Los Angeles, CA to decide who would be crowned as the greatest team in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. History was made with this tournament, and hearts were broken.

Winner’s Bracket Final: Team EnVyUs vs. Team eLevate – NV 3-2

This was such a close match because of Elevate’s ability to chip away at Envyus’s leads. Envyus continued to look like the best team in the tournament ever since the first round of bracket play when they knocked Optic Gaming into the loser’s bracket. Team Elevate was just another bump in the road for them as they cruised onto the grand final.

This matchup did not get exciting until after the first map. Hardpoint on Evac was all NV, as they won it 250-100. The next two maps went to Elevate. This was the first time in the tournament that Envyus found themselves down a map. With their backs to the wall, Envyus pulled out the victory in game four on Stronghold Capture the Flag. The last map was Infection Search and Destroy that featured NV Apathy going 10/3 and carrying his team to the grand final.

Loser’s Bracket Final: Team eLevate vs. Splyce – Splyce 3-0

Double elimination brackets continue to be such a mental game. Splyce went into this series following a very clean win versus FAB Games, and Elevate came into this series with a loss. Elevate just could not regroup their mindset fast enough as they got eliminated by Splyce. This was the first time ever that a European team would be in the grand final of COD World Championships.

Splyce has had one hiccup this tournament, because of FAB Games beating them in a five game series. Other than that match, they have looked flawless. They cut through Elevate like a warm knife through butter because of their objective play. Aqua from Team Elevate was the only player to finish with a positive Kill/Death ratio. Splyce’s Bance continues to look fantastic this tournament as he finished with a 1.40 KDR to send his team to the grand final.

GRAND FINAL: Team EnVyUs vs. Splyce – NV 3-1

The stage was set. The Forum in LA was packed full of North American Supporters and some EU supporters. Would this be the first European championship? With $800,000 on the line, Team Envyus claimed the title.

This was an extremely NV sided affair. Fringe Hardpoint started out with Envyus claiming a 100-20 point lead, but it was not enough because Splyce game back to claim that map. Even though they lost, they looked extremely disciplined throughout the beginning of that map. The next three maps were all Envyus. Splyce could not break the American setup on any gametype, and NV took home the trophy.

John from NV was crowned as the MVP of the tournament because of his outstanding slaying ability. Any member of that team could have taken that title home, realistically. Slasher led the way in the grand final with a 1.21 KDR. The new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is coming out in November, and NV will look to continue their dominance going into that game.

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