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eSports Boxing Club Career Mode New Details

On Tuesday, Steel City Interactive shared its latest monthly development update with fight fans. The update goes over feedback from the eSports Boxing Club gameplay walkthrough. In addition, it touches on the Career Mode Hub and future development updates. Check out everything ESBC developers had to share below.

eSports Boxing Club Gameplay Walkthrough

After sorting through responses to ESBC‘s gameplay walkthrough, the dev team highlighted three areas of focus and what they plan to do to address them:

  • Camera angles – ESBC will feature different camera angles for players to choose from. The view shown in the gameplay walkthrough was just one of the angles that will be available at launch.
  • Shake/Flashes – Whilst some gamers prefer having effects appear in-game that make for a more intense experience, we realize this isn’t for everyone. This is why there will be custom options for players to disable these aspects, giving you more control over your experience.
  • Combat/Punches – Our combat mechanics have gone through various upgrades since the first movement trailer was launched in November of last year. We want you to know we’re continuing to work on all aspects of punches and combinations and will continue to do so until they meet our standard.

Career Mode Hub

Last month’s walkthrough teased some early work on eSports Boxing Club’s Career Mode Hub. Here are some features that gamers will be able to experience in the Hub:

  • Move around the gym you train at in a third-person view.
  • Interact with your trainer to schedule sparring and training.
  • Check the rankings across the boxing world.
  • Change equipment and attire for your next fight.
  • Other aspects associated with boxing.

eSports Boxing Club Future Development Updates

Development of ESBC doesn’t always line up with Steel City Interactive’s monthly posts. As a result, the developers are moving away from monthly text updates. The team wants to make sure they’re sharing “something of value” when they release news. Going forward, gamers can stay up-to-date on ESBC info through Steel City’s social channels and official Discord.

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