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UFC 4 Career Mode Details

EA Sports UFC 4 Patch

EA Sports revealed UFC 4 career mode details today through a brand new trailer and blog post on the game’s website. The trailer shows details about UFC 4’s new career mode while we follow a young fighter on his journey to the top.

“Every move matters on your journey to becoming the Undisputed UFC champion.”

Relationship System

As the trailer opens, you are introduced to Coach Davis. UFC 4’s career mode will use this interactive coach to introduce players to the UFC lifestyle while emulating the player/coach relationship. Based on the trailer, your fighter will be able to make decisions during conversations with Coach Davis that will effect your career overall.

Conversation with Coach Davis

These choices play into UFC 4’s new relationship system. Building a working relationship with other fighters has it’s perks. You can invite fighters to your training camp, and sparring with partners can unlock new moves for your fighter. If that’s not your style, you can call out opponents on social media and live that heel lifestyle.

Fighter Evolution

Through the new Fighter Evolution feature, players will feel their fighters grow in real-time. Your fighter’s stats increase based on the moves you use, both in the octagon and while sparring during training. As your fighter levels up, they unlock evolution points. These Evolution points can be put towards new abilities or improving your attributes. Evolution points can also be used to recover attributes lost from injuries during your career. Your sparring partners rub off on you, as well. All of these factors play into the overall build of your fighter.

Unscripted Story

From the jump, UFC 4 promises a different experience for each fighter. Your path can start by clearing your way through the amateur circuit. Your fighter can jump right into Dana White’s Contender Series if you’re feeling confident. If you miss the cut, however, you’ll have to earn another shot through the World Fighting Alliance.

The trailer also highlights UFC 4’s new injury system. Taking a short-notice fight will raise your notoriety, but is it worth the added risk of injury? Injuries can effect your stats temporarily or permanently.

You can find the Gameplay Trailer for UFC 4 right here. For more UFC 4 coverage, like how ratings have changed in UFC 4, keep your eyes right here at Sports Gamers Online.

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