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All Madden NFL 19 Equipment Detailed

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If you’re looking for a one-stop Madden NFL 19 shop, you’ve pulled up to the right place. Equipment in the Madden series has always been a big deal to me and many other sports gamers. You want your favorite player to look as authentic as possible. Here, you’ll find every equipment video from our YouTube channel, something you should definitely subscribe to.

Madden NFL 19 Equipment and Gear

You want a full look at all the equipment in Madden NFL 19? You got it. We breakdown all types of helmets, sleeves, gloves and more. This is your equipment deep dive if I’ve ever saw it.


Madden NFL 19 New Equipment Playbook

If you don’t want to see everything (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t) and just want to check out what new equipment is coming to Madden NFL 19, we got you covered there too. This video breaks down everything new to the franchise like the Speedflex 2 bar single facemask.


Madden NFL 19 Mouthpieces, Tattoos and More

Here we have an exclusive behind the scenes look at more Madden NFL 19 equipment. The Natural is joined by Justin Smith to talk about the authentic changes to things like mouthpieces in Madden.

If you don’t need all the details provided in the videos above here is the full list of equipment added or updated in Madden NFL 19:

Updated 3 Sleeve Types: Tight, Standard and Long
New Face Markings: cross, one eye tape, nose tape strip, eye paint 3

New Facemasks
Vengeance Z10 Robot
Vengeance Z10 Robot RB
Vengeance Z10 2 Bar
Vengeance Z10 3 Bar LB
Vengeance Z10 Cage
Vengeance Kicker
Vengeance Fullcage Bulldog
Xenith Prisim
Xenith Predator
2 Bar WR
Revospeed Fullcage Hook
Revospeed 2 Bar WR
Revospeed 808
Revospeed 3 Bar QB
SpeedFlex 3 Bar QB
SpeedFlex 2 Bar QB
SpeedFlex Cage
SpeedFlex 2 Bar Single
SpeedFlex 3 Bar Single
SpeedFlex Robot RB Jagged

Nike Vapor Jet 4
Nike Vapor Jet 5
Nike Superbad 5
Nike Vapor Knit 2
Player Exclusive Gloves
Under Armour F6
Under Armour Spotlight
Adidas 5 Star 7.0

Nike Alpha Menace Pro
Nike Force Savage Pro
Nike Vapor Speed 3
Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3
Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro
Nike Field General
Under Armour Spotlight
Under Armour Highlight
Under Armour Player exclusive
Adidas Freak X Carbon
Adidas Adizero 7

Missing your favorite piece like the Schutt F7? Don’t worry some items may be added in a future update this season.

Be sure to head over to the Sports Gamers Online YouTube channel and subscribe. With Madden right around the corner, you’d be stupid not to. Madden NFL 19 will release on August 10, 2018 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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