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Axis Football 21 gameplay

Axis Football 21 Gameplay Features Revealed

When it comes to game development, you’ll often hear that football games are the hardest game to develop gameplay for. For Axis Football 21, the team at Axis Games is working on making the gameplay just as fun on the field as it is for many fans off of it.

As part of this week’s episode of the SGO Press Pass podcast, a first look at official gameplay (you can watch it at the bottom of this post) from Axis Football 21 was revealed. In addition to a look at the gameplay, the full list of gameplay improvements was also unveiled.

One of the biggest improvements is the addition of animations that allow for a smoother game flow. These animations include how quarterbacks throw the ball as well as how the receivers look for the ball and break on their cuts. Another improvement focuses on the AI with a change in play-calling, clock management, and overall behavior.

The full list of gameplay features is as follows:

  • A complete (NFL-style) overtime rule set complete with a coin toss.
  • Touchdown and play celebrations.
  • Dozens of new animations and smoother gameplay
  • Field Flipping: the offense will now drive both directions on the field.
  • Redesigned AI play-calling and clock management.
  • Before and after play player movement (walking to and from huddle)
  • Team play calling strategy editor: change which types of plays are called on a variety of down and distances.
  • Kick Returners and Punt Returners can now be set on the Depth Chart
  • Added loads of new animations for QB, linemen, runners, receivers, and defenders.
  • Added logic for throwing passes to receivers before they’ve made their cut
  • Added new stat tracking: Yards after catch, tackles for loss, kick/punt returner stats, and more!
  • New stadiums (Arizona, Dallas, and Detroit)

Axis Football 21 launches later this year. For more information on the game as its release approaches, stick with Sports Gamers Online.

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