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EA Introduces Madden Championship With $1 Million in Prizes!

During their pre-E3 press conference, EA introduced a number of new eSport initiatives for their big sports titles.

The three new events run the gamut from in-game challenges to EA sponsored real world events.

Challenger Events – This new mode is supposed to allow people to create and host their own local tournaments. It’s kind of a return to old LAN days.

Premier Events – These events are a mixture of in-game and out-of-game events that EA will hosts with sponsors.

The big events though will be what EA is calling ‘EA Major Events’. These events are specifically run by EA and feature the top players from the games.

At the press conference EA said that they would hold a Madden 17 Championship game next year that would offer up to $1 million in prizes. The Championship will be the culmination of four other EA Majors events that take place throughout 2016 and into 2017.

The events start this week with an eight player Madden NFL 16 championship series. It’s a big event featuring ‘Problem’ and ‘Serious Moe’ two of the best Madden players today. The gamers are playing for a $50,000 Grand Prize pool.

The championship will culminate on Tuesday night at 6 pm and will be viewable online or on ESPN3.

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