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EA Teases New Madden NFL 22 Feature

This morning, EA released a new Gridiron Notes covering the final franchise update for Madden NFL 21. The blog post itself was pretty straight-forward. However, the end of the post was a bit different. The closing notes featured a brief video of Madden producer Seann Graddy recapping the work his team has been putting into Madden 21’s franchise mode. While Graddy does not say anything directly, the video seems to reveal a new franchise feature coming later this year to Madden NFL 22.

The First Look at Franchise Mode in Madden NFL 22?

On the monitor behind Graddy, which takes up about a fourth of the screen, is a franchise feature that is not currently in Madden 21. A closer look at the screen reveals a Staff Management page that includes Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator.

A close-up of Graddy’s monitor in the Franchise Update 3! video.

The screen has sections labeled for Talent Focus and Talent Tree. Talent focus seems like it would offer a team bonus if your staff’s focus mirrors your team’s scheme. It’s hard to make out exactly what the bars under Talent Focus say, unfortunately. Talent tree could mean your personnel has room for development. This development could also be effected by the next option under View Talent Tree, which looks a bit like Select GameDay Goal. Having your staff matter, and being able to develop that staff, seem like huge additions to the franchise mode.

Meanwhile, in the video’s foreground, Graddy specifies that work on franchise mode in Madden NFL 22 is already underway. As he signs off, Graddy says “the franchise community continues to be incredibly important to us. On behalf of the entire Madden NFL team, we can’t wait to share with you what we’re working on for Madden NFL 22.” Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a few months for the full context around this Staff Management screen. However, it seems like the Madden NFL 22 team may have already shared a sneak peek at what they’re working on.

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