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Madden NFL 18: Everything You Need to Know About Longshot

Madden 18 Longshot

At the EA Play press briefing that kicked off E3 2017, EA Sports unveiled the story mode that makes its debut this year in Madden NFL 18.

Entitled “Longshot”, the story mode follows the main character named Devin Wade, a former high school and collegiate star that left the game only to attempt a comeback and try to make it to the NFL three years later. As the player on this journey, you will do whatever it takes to get to finally be drafted to the NFL.

That’s the quick summary of the mode, but there’s plenty of other details that you need to know before the game launches on Friday, August 25.

“Longshot” is the culmination of four years of development, you’ll be starting at the scouting combine, which will make its first appearance in a Madden game since the mid-2000’s. From there the goal will be to reach the NFL Draft.

But don’t let that fool you about how deep this mode goes. You will take a once highly touted Quarterback prospect, Devin Wade through a long journey with twists and turns throughout the way. Though mostly linear, your story could end a number of different ways. As you are taken back to Wade’s college, high, school, and youth football league days, you will have to make decisions based on many factors that can shape your future in the struggle to attain your ultimate dream.

There will also be a number of people you meet along the way, 45 to be exact, according to EA. But the most important that we know of so far are your father, Cutter, your best friend Colt Cruise, who played football with you, and the one and only Dan Marino as your mentor. It is unknown whether there will be any negative influences throughout the way that try to pull you off your path, but that would surely add to fun.

The mode will also feature 7 on 7 padless football, for which I can only imagine will be for practice and drills. This goes along with the inclusion of quicktime events in certain cinematic scenes.

It is important to remember that this isn’t a career mode, but rather more like a campaign mode akin to FIFA’s The Journey. While this may not be what the community was hoping for as far a single player story mode, EA is confident that given a fair shake, “Longshot” will become a widely popular mode with the potential of a sequel in Madden NFL 19.

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5 years ago

I think in long shot you should play a different position OF YOUR own and create your own guy and have different GMs and diffrent hall of famers be your agent or help you on the road to be successful in the NFL AND TELL YOUR OWN STORY AND YOU CAN RETIRE AT THE AGE OF 45 OR 40 YEARS OLD PLUS THE GAME SHOULD allow you to get sponsored by NIKE, GATORADE ADIDAS OR what ever brand there is to represent you as well as the help for the GM OR your hall of famer that u should choose that once played in the NFL and the game it self will still be davin wade but at least you can change the name but that will be your Nick name everybody calls u on the field or off the field