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Getting Your Super Bowl Fix in Madden NFL 21

The Super Bowl is one of the largest sporting events in the world. Over the years, Super Bowl stadiums have served host to some (generally) tense matches, amazing half time performances, and passionate fans. The Super Bowl is the main event in most Americans’, and even in some Brits’, calendars. 

The build-up to the Big Game is almost as much fun as the game itself. A week of excitement and buzz surrounding the game leads to a weekend watch party, complete with typical Super Bowl foods. The whole event makes for a cozy atmosphere. Maybe you’ve made bets against your friends on who will win, and by how much. In 2020, approximately $155 million were wagered. That’s a staggering amount, and it’s one of the highest in the sports betting industry. This season, according to sports website World Sports Network, the Kansas City Chiefs are favored to come out on top. However, football is a game where the underdog is never far away from a surprise win. You can’t count out Touchdown Tom.

Perhaps sports betting is not your thing. If so, you can get warmed up for the Super Bowl with EA’s popular NFL simulation game Madden 21. A classic way to get into the Super Bowl spirit is by picking the two championship teams and pitting them head-to-head. 

Simulation Football: Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21 is the latest entry in EA Sports’ simulation football franchise. Madden games are top sellers, which means they’re popular in the crossover market of big time sports fans and gamers-alike. This year’s entry released on August 28, 2020. The game features Lamar Jackson from the Baltimore Ravens as the cover athlete. This year’s entry builds on top of previous Madden games, adding features and updates that are new to Madden 21. 

This year’s edition of Madden includes next-gen statistics, which the NFL’s website describes as “the capture of real time location data, speed and acceleration for every player, every play on every inch of the field.” Sensors built-in to NFL stadiums monitor players’ movements in each game, and their stats are updated accordingly. This impressive feature makes players in Madden 21 feel more life-like than ever, with their in-game counterparts growing alongside their real life performances. 

With faster and more responsive gameplay, the game offers users a more enjoyable experience and overall better control. Features like the “zone drop” and other helpful coaching changes have been added to this new version of the game, making the management of the team more specific and accurate.

If this all sounds too realistic, however, perhaps you belong in The Yard.

Take It To The Yard

The most unique new feature in Madden 21 is a brand new game mode called The Yard. This new innovative game mode calls back to arcade-style backyard football. Scoring is different in The Yard. Long touchdowns are worth more points, every interception is worth points, and PATs are worth more the farther away you are when you kick. These house rules make The Yard feel more relaxed, but keep the same competitive vibe. It’s like playing football with your family at Thanksgiving.

The character creator reflects these vibes as well. You could wear the jersey, pads, and helmet of your favorite NFL team. Or, you could untuck your jersey, add and customize a mouth guard, or dress like Spongbob SquarepantsThe Yard gives the player the ability to play creatively and strategically without sacrificing fun. 

Solo Battles Mode

If you favorite a Player vs. AI experience, Madden 21’s Solo Battles are for you.  Solo Battles are a returning game mode attached to Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. Players will be able to challenge four new AI teams three times a week, with an extra featured opponent each week. Before you take on your opponents, you can see what offensive and defensive formations they’ll be running. Preparation is key!

Each Solo Battle is a match about score. The higher the difficulty you choose, the more points your actions are worth. The more touchdowns you put up, the higher your score. At the end of each week, all players receive rewards based on how well they scored against all other players worldwide. In Solo Battles, you’re competing against no one and everyone simultaneously. Honestly, this mode might encapsulate what it’s like being a sports fan the most.

Get in the Super Bowl spirit by fully immersing yourself in Madden NFL 21. From being in the stadium environment to picking players and teams, you can get a little taste of the Super Bowl flavor from the comfort and safety of your home. 

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