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Madden 16 Connected Franchise Top 10 Offensive Line Sleepers

Madden 16 Top 10 Offensive Line Sleepers

Here are some of the most underrated players in the game based on the ratings that actually matter so you can find possible sleepers that other guys would trade for minimal value in Madden 16 Connected Franchise.  A few of the factors taken into consideration in the selection process were that the player had to be under 75 OVR with at least two or more blocking attributes over 80, the ease it would be to get ahold of that said player and their location on their perspective team’s depth chart. With that said here are our Top 10 Offensive Line Sleepers in Madden 16 Connected Franchise:

10. RT Cyrus Kouandjio: 65 OVR/83 RBK/73 PBK/79 IBL/ 84 STR/ 49 AWR/1 EXP

  • Cyrus will be one of those players if you are really desperate for a tackle or any offensive lineman. He is a bit of a project with nothing really refined except his run blocking which even then is just about average for a good starting lineman. Reason for him being on this list apart from his okay attributes for the position is he is a very young talent that you can get for dirt cheap or wait and see if he falls to free agency because of cuts if you are very desperate for a quick to temporary fix at the line.

9. RG Rokevious Watkins: 71 OVR/81 RBK/78 PBK/80 IBL/87 STR/48 AWR/3 EXP

  • Watkins is the only free agent on this list. His blocking attributes are nothing to really jump for joy over but they are still very good seeing that he is still pretty young for his position and that you will not have to make a trade for him if you are fast enough to grab him before another team does. His redeeming qualities are his strength which is a very difficult and almost a waste of experience points trying to boost that attribute. His blocking attributes as I stated are nothing to get excited about but they are still good if you need a player to fill in for a season or to build up as a permanent part of the line rather than trying to use a pick in the draft or spend big money on a better player when you have concerns in other positions.

8. RT T.J. Clemmings: 70 OVR/82 RBK/77 PBK/88 IBL/84 STR/45 AWR/R EXP

  • Clemmings is the first rookie to drop on this list. His biggest quality is of course his impact blocking which might not be as important as say pass or run blocking but for a tackle and a user who likes a strong outside run Clemmings would be a nice pick up for the right price. Only issue with trying to get him will be if the owner realizes the talent he has behind the first string RT Loadholt.

7. C Trevor Robinson: 71 OVR/80 RBK/74 PBK/81 IBL/89 STR/73 AWR/3 EXP

  • Trevor Robinson, since he has joined the NFL has been one of those constant Madden sleeper players. Although this is probably the worse he has been since his rookie year in Madden he is still a very good option if you can get your hands on him. Biggest quality he has going for him is his strength of 89 which is at the higher end of the spectrum with the average seemingly dropping closer to 85 strength in offensive linemen. Reason he is not higher on this list is he is a pretty well known sleeper to many of the experienced CFM players and that his blocking attributes are nothing special when it comes to starting at the position. He is just a strong center that you can get for a cheap price if you need to fill in a hole quickly.

6. LG Dakota Dozier: 71 OVR/82 RBK/75 PBK/85 IBL/83 STR/55 AWR/1 EXP

  • If looking for a nice guard to be a permanent staple on that offensive line you probably not need to look any farther. Apart from his below average pass blocking and low awareness which is common of someone his age as a backup, Dozier has the potential to be a starter right away if an owner is weak in that position. If you are lucky he might drop to free agency but if not you might be able to get him for a low price if the Jets owner does not know what he has exactly or is desperate for another position upgrade.

5. LT Cedric Ogbuehi: 73 OVR/81 RBK/85 PBK/83 IBL/82 STR/65 AWR/R EXP

  • Probably the best young talent on this list. For a rookie he has perfect blocking attributes and probably better than most of the first round picked o-linemen of his draft class. He could have easily been in the top 3 if it was not for two big flaws. Cedric has one of the lowest strengths on this list for starters. He is also behind a 33 year old first string tackle so it is more than likely that the Bengals owner will be aware of the talent he has at back up and it might cost you more than say other sleepers on this list.

4. C Weston Richburg: 71 OVR/76 RBK/83 PBK/87 IBL/85 STR/73 AWR/1 EXP

  • Richburg is a great addition to any team be starter or backup. He is a player that is still very young and ready to go right out of the gate especially with awareness at 73 which will allow you to focus more attention right away on improving his run blocking. Might be easier to grab than other sleepers since the Giants offensive line is pretty stacked and they do have holes in other positions.

3. C Barrett Jones: 72 OVR/80 RBK/86 PBK/84 IBL/82 STR/64 AWR/2 EXP

  • I thought about having him at #2 on this list but decided not to since he is a two year vet with only 64 awareness and only 82 strength much like Cedric Ogbuehi.  Apart from those two flaws this guy is definitely a starter that you can build upon. Great for a pass heavy offense and can most likely get him cheap if he does not fall to free agency since he is one of four centers on the Bears roster.

2. RT D.J. Humphries: 72 OVR/79 RBK/87 PBK/84 IBL/88 STR/53 AWR/R EXP

  • Could have easily been #1 on this list with his starter like blocking attributes. Two biggest attributes that are keeping him above the rest on this list is his 88 strength for a rookie and a whopping 87 pass blocking. His lowest blocking rating is his run block at 79 which can easily get up by week 2 or 3 and then you can focus more on his awareness which will help significantly down the line. Might be hard to get a Cardinals’ owner to make a move on trading Humphries but if you can he will easily start for any team looking for a slight to major upgrade in the position.

1. RG Spencer Long: 72 OVR/82 RBK/79 PBK/82 IBL/88 STR/54 AWR/1 EXP

  • So here we are, #1 on the top 10 offensive linemen sleeper list for CFM. Spence shares a lot of qualities similar to Humphries who is at #2. Both can easily start and both have nice strength attribute. Both have blocking attribute that will not need much work improving the first season and can focus more on the awareness. Only difference is that Long is behind the redskins first round pick rookie, so Long will be easily overlooked or not really needed by the Redskins owner. He can be an easy steal for anyone looking to improve the offensive line and for Redskins owners they have a nice trade piece in Spencer Long.

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