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Madden 16 Connected Franchise Progression: Quarterback Development


Since I been playing Madden it has been too easy to find out who the quick developing players were or developing players was too easy. Now with Madden 16 that has all changed.  People now cannot receive large amounts of experience from practice, game stats, and goals.  So now you cannot take some sixty overall player and make him a ninety-nine overall in just a single season.  Now you actually have to know what to look for other than a player’s physical attributes like speed and strength. Since I have started to play Madden I never really done this style of team building.  I never just stopped at looking and making a decision on a player based on their physical attributes. Instead I continued to look at every other attribute down and figured out the best ways to develop a player if they were average or below average talent.  Talent that you would find as a backup or get in the fifth to seventh rounds. So I will share with you what I look at in a player based on position and strategies on how to get the best out of your investments.


The quarterback is probably one of the easiest positions to find a starter and to develop. When looking for a quarterback to replace a starter down the line or even right away there is two attributes that you must focus on right away.  The obvious attribute to look at first is the quarterbacks throwing power. This will come down to personal preference, but the majority of madden players prefer to have a quarterback with a throw power above ninety. If you are in a poor draft with weaker armed QB’s I suggest looking not getting a quarterback with a throw power less than eighty-six.  Once you get a quarterback with a throw power less than eighty-six you start feeling a significant difference in the quickness of their release and how deep they can throw the ball, especially against the wind which in Madden can be ranging from windy fall afternoon to hurricane. Again though this is personal preference.


You should practice with a few quarterbacks in exhibition mode beforehand to find which throw power you are most comfortable with. The next attribute you should look at when searching for a quarterback is deep accuracy.  It is hard in this madden to find a quarterback with a very deep accuracy unless they are a veteran like Rodgers or Ryan. Try looking for a quarterback if you are looking to get a younger back up to replace say Brady, Cutler, or Manning, that has a deep accuracy seventy or greater.  Seventy deep accuracy might not seem like much but in Madden 16 to find a rookie or a very young player with a deep accuracy about sixty-seven is very difficult. Deep accuracy is also one of the hardest quarterback attribute after throwing power to develop, so the better the deep accuracy the easier it will be to focus on his short, medium accuracy, throw on the run, and play action.

Here are the Top 5 development QBs in Madden 16 you guys should take a strong look at in your Connected franchise leagues. You make be able to trade for these guys as they may just be sitting on your league members bench.

  1. Zach Mettenberger – Tennessee Titans
  2. Garrett Grayson – New Orleans
  3. Jimmy garoppolo – New England Patriots
  4. Ryan Nassib – New York Giants
  5. Brock Osweiler – Denver Broncos

Hopefully you enjoyed our Madden 16 Connected Franchise Content. Stay tuned for more in the series in the weeks to come!


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