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Madden 16 Tips: Gun Trio Wk Scheme


Today’s Madden 16 Tips feature a full scheme out of the Gun Trio Wk formation. This scheme will take advantage of how the defense is lined up pre snap, exploit what they’re giving you and put you in the best position to move the ball each time.

Playbook: Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers
Formation: Gun –Trio Wk
Scheme: Middle Slant, PA Flood, Verticals, Inside Zone, Read Option and HB Draw

madden16_tips_middle_slantPlay: Middle Slant
Analysis: It works whether or not the defense is defending the empty side and because it’s effective against both zone and man coverage. Reason being vs man the routes will all run away from their defenders and vs zone the receivers will overload the middle of the field and all you have to do is find the open guy  whether it be  from  a defender biting on an  earlier read or the receiver being open naturally

Hot Routes:
X receiver on an In route

Reads vs Man:
B(Circle on PS4) : Be aware he’s the route  your opponent fears most when you come out in this set, so look out for any dropping d linemen or the user lurking around the area. If he’s 1 on 1, as soon as he cuts outside lead pass to the sidelines.
A(X on PS4): We all know about the drag vs man coverage and is also why I prefer to have my fastest receiver here, because you can pick up a lot yards after the catch  since your running to the empty side of the formation.
Y (Triangle on PS4): Y also runs a very common man beater, bullet once he breaks to the inside.
X (Square on PS4): Once he cuts inside lead pass to the right.

Reads vs Zone:
B (Triangle on PS4): He will be used as a decoy to lure any underneath defender away from the other receivers
A(X on PS4): Takes advantage of the tight end carrying any underneath defenders deep, and once he’s directly underneath the tight end bullet to the left so he has to turn around leading him up the field and avoids running straight into any big hits.
Y (Triangle on PS4): Similar to the A receiver he relies on an underneath defender following the tight end when he breaks to the outside, opening up a lane for the throw towards the middle.
X (Square on PS4): if Y isn’t open X usually is because he’s trailing him.


Play: PA Flood
Analysis: You want to use this when the defense is overcommitted to the empty side , so you can  then attack the left side of the field with a flood route that beats zone and 2 man beater routes in the middle

Hot Routes:
B on a flat route
RB on an option route

Reads vs Man:
RB (R1 on PS4): The running back converts to an up and out route, one he makes his break lead pass away from his defender.
A(X on PS4): Beats his defender to the inside.

Reads vs Zone:
RB (R1 on PS4): Who now converts to a curl route and sits down in the zone
B(Circle on PS4): Whose job vs zone coverage  is to pull the defender closest to the sidelines down to make room for the Y receiver and he’s  also available for a quick throw if the defense leaves the flats open.
Y (Triangle on PS4): Who the play is designed for, lead pass to the sidelines once he cuts outside.
Note you might have to hit the possession catch by holding A or X on Ps4  depending on how close you are to the sideline


Play: Verticals
Analysis: Verticals beats Cover 2 and 3, but has trouble vs Cover 4 due to the amount of safeties positioned deep to cover it. But that’s where the other plays can help open up verticals because running cover 4 against middle slant and pa flood is tough on the defense because of the limited underneath defenders

Hot Routes:
Block the TE

Reads vs Man:
B (Circle on PS4): Throw once he  breaks towards the middle of the field, before the corner can recover.
RB (R1 on PS4): It’s an easy 5 yard gain with more after the catch.
Reads vs Zone:
Y (Triangle on PS4): You want to lead inside when he splits the safeties in Cover 2 and bullet pass it to him if the deep safety in cover 3 bites on the B receivers’ route
B (Circle on PS4): If the safety doesn’t bite on this route and stays deep to defend Y, you look to try and  lob it over the squatting corners head  on the other side of the field .
RB (R1 on PS4): He’s a dump off pass, if the deeper routes are covered


Plays: Inside Zone, Read Option and HB Draw
Analysis: Inside zone is the main run play. You want to attack them running the ball when the 3 receivers are all covered by a defender .Because that leaves 8 defenders left against 6 blockers, and If they have 2 secondary players not in the box its 6 vs 6 and if they only have 1 not in the box its 7 on 6, but you can then leave a backside guy unblocked to even the numbers back up.
Analysis: The Read Option is the same as Inside Zone, but the QB is reading the backside defender who would be unblocked . It’s best run against man coverage because the defenders will run with the receivers as if it’s still a pass play, but against zone your receivers must be able to block because the defenders will attack the ball immediately
Analysis: HB Draw is useful when you’re facing a guy who likes to run a lot of zone or if he likes to drop any of his linemen to defend the passing plays.

Hit the practice field to master this scheme and tune in next time for more Madden 16 Tips from Sports Gamers Online.

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