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Madden 17 New Features: Ball Carrier Special Moves

madden 17 ball carrier special moves

EA is continuing to update the Madden website with tidbits on Madden 17, and with their latest gameplay blog post they’re talking about ball carrier special moves. Let’s get into it.

Since running the ball can be one of the most rewarding aspects of Madden gameplay, EA says they’ve set out to new creative controls for all levels of play. The first thing on their list is special moves.

Ball Carrier Special Moves

In Madden 17, every on-field player will perform special moves tailored to their playing style and ratings. Special moves will now be spread out across different player-types in the NFL. Bruising backs will have better trucks and stiff arms, while smaller backs have better jukes and spins. These animations will all be brand new, according to the blog.

Ball carriers will use different animations depending on their special-moves rating, which can range from elite to lumbering. Elite moves are the higher tier, available only to players with ratings to match. The example given is for athletes with a move rating in the 90’s.

For players with move ratings in the 70’s and 80’s, there will be alternate versions of the moves that aren’t as powerful, but can still be used effectively with good timing. The higher ranking the moves, the more effective and highlight-worthy they become.

Lumbering moves, which are by far the slowest and lowest impact carry very little reward. They’ll be used by players who come in at over 300 pounds without a ball carrier rating of 65. Fatigue will also have an effect on the moves, making moves less effective when the ball carrier is out of stamina. How much less effective? One rank.

An elite player with a rating in the 90’s will perform moves as if he’s rated in the 80’s, so you’ll want to manage your stamina usage accordingly.

Fakeout Interaction System

The fakeout system is also receiving an update to accompany the new special moves. If you time the special moves correctly, you should be able to feel the power of the new multi-player fakeout animations, which EA says can have almost a thousand possible outcomes.

The multi-player fakeout is a dynamic animation that includes multiple players all at once, based on their location. These can range from 2-6 player animations, depending on the type of move used, the ball carrier’s skill level, and the user’s skill.

To successfully fakeout defenders will require more than the perfect timing, however. To be successful, you’ll have to know your ball carrier and his best moves. Knowing where the defender you’re trying to evade is also crucial, thanks to the ideal zone of each move that will increase the chance of success.

The ball carrier will have more success eluding the defender when he’s directly in front of the runner, rather than from the side.

Ball Carrier Mechanics

Madden 17 will feature an array of new ball carrier mechanics to keep Madden players of varying skill levels engaged. Modifiers will allow for four unique tactics to customize the running game, all carrying their own risks and rewards in combination with the fakeout interactions.

You can find a detailed list of the new mechanics and their functions at the blog post, but there are standard moves, speed modifier, precision modifier, steerable modifier, and utility moves.

There will also be a number of new tools available to help users become better ball carriers, with recommended special moves, a projected path indicator, special move feedback text, and a ball carrier threat cone which will be specific to your settings.

As you can see, EA is making a number of improvements with Madden 17. Whether or not they’ll be enough is up to you. What do you think of these improvements? Let us know in the comments or on social media and be sure to keep your eyes on SGO for the latest Madden 17 news.

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