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Madden 18 Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

Madden 18 Top 10 Things You NEED To Know BEFORE You Buy

Even though Madden 18 has already hit the shelves, we know not everyone has gotten their hands on the game yet. Whether you’re looking to buy or are in the process of buying, there are a few things you should know before committing to your purchase. You can check out the video above via YouTube or continue reading below for 10 things you need to know before picking up Madden 18.

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Purchase

No More Previous Gen

Madden 18 will be the first installment of the series to be made solely for the PS4 and Xbox One. With the developers no longer having to worry about the last gen consoles, each year forward they can focus on making the best next generation experience possible for us gamers and Madden 18 is a great first step.

Team Play is Back!

Team play is back and it’s more fun than ever. This year it comes with a twist in the new mode called MutSquads. Unfortunately, it’s associated with Ultimate Team so you need to build your own squad to be able to play it. This a drawback for those of us who have avoided the mode for years but loved Team Play. Unless you have two friends that will allow you to tag along as the coach, you will have to dive into that Ultimate Team in Madden 18.

Frostbite Engine

The new Frostbite engine has Madden 18 running smoother than ever. From the beautiful backgrounds to the pre-game intros, it looks gorgeous. In addition, Madden 18 beautiful contextual animations especially when players collide. I was playing a game yesterday and when I dove in the end zone, my player basically did a spinning heel kick on the defender and dropped him instantly. I got a kick out of that. The power of the Frostbite engine is beautifully displayed in Madden 18.

CFM (Franchise Mode)

While the franchise mode makes its return, this year it’s somewhat of a disappointment. CFM has a few fixes and improvements but has largely gone unchanged. However, there is an added draft board and a few other small additions. It appears as the years go by, EA’s attention is shifting more towards Madden 18 Ultimate Team and less to Franchise mode.

New Story mode

The added game mode Longshot, is the sports game story experience people have been looking for in the Madden franchise. You take control of a pre-made character Devin Wade. You can’t create your own character for those of you wondering. It’s what you expect from a sports story mode. Your typically given 2 answers to most things you need to react to. It’s filled with scripted games you play, so it’s not anything like NBA 2K’s My Player in that regard. I will say the mode is pretty fleshed out for being EA’s first attempt. The actors, how good their face scans look and the story will keep you engage. Beware, you cannot manually save the game. You’re basically praying for that saving notification at the bottom for you to safely leave.

Target Passing

With the introduction of Target Passing, you’re now able to throw the ball literally anywhere on the field. It won’t be seen as an every down solution. This prevents it from being the new standard to passing the ball. If you don’t like it, you’re not obligated to use it at all. However, it definitely will have its uses as a purposeful mechanic.

Coaching Adjustments

Another new feature is coaching adjustments. it will give you the ability to tell your offense and defense exactly how you want things done. Do you want them to go for the strip every play? Coaching adjustments allows you to do so. Want the defender to always play the ball? Same thing. Do you want your receivers to always go for the spectacular catch on deep balls? You can do all of this in the coaching adjustments menu. Unfortunately, the beauty of it is there will be pro’s and cons to every decision you make using this. For example, asking your offensive linemen to hold longer, will increase the chance they will be called for a holding penalty. It brings a whole different chess match to the game of Madden 18 this year.


Gamestyles offer you the ability to tweak the game to your liking. Do you want to just have a Hail Mary contest with your buddy? Arcade mode offers you that ability. Do you want to live in the middle where the game is fairly balanced? Then Sim is your deal. For the super competitive guys where user skill is king, competitive mode is like no other.

Madden 18 is geared towards the offense

Madden 18 at this current time is an offensive game. It has an improved running game and better pass blocking which really leaves the defense behind the 8 ball. So, for my defensive guys out there, you must know that going in. Especially with the lack of pass rush and urgency of defenders when in zones. It could leave you pulling your hair out and if this type of stuff continues, Madden 18 gears up to be an offensively slanted game.

Not much explaining!

It’s Madden. No, the game will not play drastically different. No game does from year to year. We’re getting a fresh coat of paint on the car we love so much. The improvements in the mechanics and new game modes do make it one of the freshest versions to date.

Alright Sports Gamers, hope this list was able to help you out. Stay tuned for more Madden 18 content here at Sports Gamers Online! Check back here daily for the latest news and tips.

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