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Madden 18 Championship Series First Details

EA has published details about Madden 18’s Championship Series, everything from schedules to modes to prize pools.

If you have any interest in competing or watching, here’s what you need to know.

Looking to stay local or want to see how far you can get? Challenger is the competitive Madden choice for you. While they have a much smaller prize pool, they can test the skills of good players and possibly get the winners an invite to an EA Major. There will be four events: two on the west coast and two on the east coast.

For prizes, locations, dates, and more info for Challenger mode, you can find it here.

There will be three Majors throughout the season.

The first will be Madden NFL Classic, taking place Oct 20 and 21. This will pit two players against each other, each using real NFL teams.

The second is Madden Challenge. This mode will use the redesigned and updated MUT Draft. This will take place December 15 and 16.

The third and biggest major is NFL Club Championship. If you want to compete to be the best of the best, you’ll want to try the Madden NFL Club Championship Series. MCS will include all 32 NFL teams and have a $1.153 million prize pool. This is the largest prize pool for competitive Madden thus far.

NFL Club Championship lets the players build their ultimate team by choosing a variety of NFL Players while keeping the playing field mostly even. It will use the MUT Salary Cap. This makes being smart about how players build a team as important as the skills on the field. Every team will be available in NFL Club Championship. Players will compete from August 2017 to January 2018. Placing tournaments will be held online.

After each team has a player to represent it, they will compete in the Madden NFL Club Championship Live Finals. The finals will take place in several locations. The first will occur at the Pro Bowl Experience in Orlando Florida. The last will take place at the Super Bowl Experience Driven by GMC in Minneapolis Minnesota.

In addition, Draft Champions will also make a comeback, renamed MUT Draft.

If you think you have what it takes to get into competitive Madden, learn what you need to compete at Everyone over the age of 16 can try and prove they have what it takes to become a Madden champion.

Madden 18 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 22 for those who pre-ordered, and August 25th for those who pick it up on its official release date.

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