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Madden 20 Online Franchise Leagues are Down Due to Server Issues


The Madden team announced today that all Online Franchise leagues are down temporarily due to server issues. And considering that there have been problems with online leagues for the past few weeks, gamers are getting frustrated.

Madden 20 Franchise Mode Problems

In a post on the EA Madden forums on Thursday, Madden Community Manager Kraelo informed the community that some Online Franchise leagues were shut down.The root of the problem was Superstar abilities, which were introduced to Madden this year and were affecting the game’s servers.

Kraelo wrote that last week, before the release of a title update, the Madden team updated the servers. This update exposed problems related to Franchise Mode data and the Madden servers, which resulted in the decision to gate some of the leagues. “The server issues were preventing affected users from connecting to their leagues and made it so that we needed to gate the Franchise leagues any time we wanted to push out any new Madden content. In order to be able to release new content we had to remove access to Cloud Franchise during limited maintenance periods.”

Kraelo added that online leagues that were created in July and August were the only ones affected by the server problems. Those were the leagues that were missing Superstar abilities, and logging into those leagues triggered server issues for the Madden team. Because of this, the Madden team announced that they were locking those leagues until they could test and apply a fix to the problem.

That was on Thursday, and today we received another update with even more bad news. Kraelo wrote on the Madden forums today that all online franchise leagues are now temporarily locked.

According to Kraelo, the Madden team yesterday attempted to roll out a fix the affected leagues, but things did not go right. After the fix was applied, the Franchise Mode servers began to lock up. Because of this, the Madden team made the decision to gate all players from logging into their online franchise leagues. “Late last night, a decision was made that we had to gate all of the Franchise Online modes to prevent all the Madden servers from locking up, which would have impacted all game modes.”

Despite all online leagues being down, Offline Franchise and QB1 are still available to play. Kraelo also insisted that fixing the impacted online leagues is a top priority. “Please know that this is the top priority for the Franchise Team to fix at this time. Our teams are actively working through the 3 day weekend to find a solution and get online Franchise modes back online.” An update on the situation will be made available on Tuesday, November 12.

What does the community think?

Gamers have commented on the outage on social media, and let’s just say people are not happy. One gamer on the Madden forums commented, “Thanks for the update but wow this is beyonnnnd me.” Another user bluntly stated, “I’m flabbergasted.” There were even more people angry about the issues on Twitter:

Would this happen with MUT?

These problems with Online Franchise has gamers asking another question: Would these problems happen with MUT? Given the reaction from some Madden players, they don’t believe that to be the case.

What are your thoughts on the problems. Do you think MUT would ever have problems like the ones that Online Franchise users are currently experiencing? Let us know in the comments sections, and on our social media channels. And for more Madden news, be sure to keep checking out the SGO site.

UPDATE (11/10): The EA Madden Twitter account sent out a tweet today stating that the development team has put out a fix this morning for Franchise Mode. The Madden team wrote wrote that the initial results from the fix have been good so far. Because of that, Online Franchise Mode is longer gated for players, but a small number of leagues remain offline.

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