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Madden 21 Minor Detail Possibly A Huge Deal For Franchise Mode

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Feature

Recently, Madden 21 has faced significant backlash due to its inability to deliver on innovation and community calls to action. Franchise Mode, a staple of the Madden series, has been long overdue for a facelift. What looked to be a “copy & paste” of last year’s mode, caused a major outcry from the community. This outcry resulted in social media hashtags and an eventual reaction from the developers to address Franchise Mode. However, according the recent beta, there may be some small details in the current mode that might make fans slightly happier.

Madden 21 Minor Detail Possibly A Huge Deal

Following the backlash, Sean Graddy, executive producerpromised something will be in place for this year’s game and beyond. While much has not been said on the topic, there is something small found in the beta worth noting.

Reported by those with extended access, apparently Franchise Mode features the option to watch games (CPU vs CPU) during the season. This is not new but has been missing from Franchise Mode for some time. Albeit minor, it is a small step in the right direction. It certainly is not enough to make fans significantly happier with the mode as a whole, but small victories. Unfortunately, this information comes from the beta. By the time of official release, this restored feature may no longer be available.

While small, the importance of such a feature, and many others, is choice. There are many angles to tackle Franchise Mode. From controlling everything, to sticking to a ‘team owner’ role, it is important players have the choice to play their way. Franchise Mode has a long way to go, but hopefully more minor details and major changes come sooner rather than later.

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