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Seann Graddy Talks Franchise Mode Plans in Madden 21

Madden 21

After the massive movement surrounding #FixMaddenFranchise made headlines throughout the gaming community, EA Sports was forced to respond to the outcry of the lack of improvements coming to Franchise Mode in Madden 21. Now, in an interview with GameSpot, Executive Producer of the series Seann Graddy has hinted when fans may see changes and updates to the mode.

Around the 13-minute mark, Graddy addresses the mode specifically, mainly bringing up the video the team put out addressing the controversy.

“What I said at the time is that we hear you,” Graddy said. “We’re working on basically some features and new things that we will share as we head into the launch window, both for our live services, which is continuous development for Madden 21 through title updates, and a long-term road map for Madden 22 and beyond.

“It’s still too early to get into specifics on that, but it’s something for franchise fans to look forward to in the coming weeks.”

Not much information is given as to what those “new things” could be, but it appears that the team is taking the concerns of the fan base seriously based on what’s being said publicly by Graddy and others within the company. However, it’s understandable why many fans may remain hestitent to believe anything until concrete evidence is provided by EA Sports and the team behind Madden NFL regarding what will be done.

No additions or improvements are likely to be added in time for the game’s launch due to development timelines. That said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a plan announced for the mode within the next handful of weeks for both major title updates to Madden 21 as well as what will come in Madden 22 next summer.

What do you realistically expect to see from Madden 21’s Franchise Mode throughout the year? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more.

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Chris Gordon
Chris Gordon
1 year ago

It’s awesome that the franchise mode is finally being worked on.I would love it to be as real as an experience that is possible.Like say a radio show or an actual pre game and halftime show.Also I loved hearing what Schefter had to say about draft picks and why not add all the draft experts and give it an option to listen to there opinions on who to draft also they can make it a discussion amongst themselves.we would also want the whole combine experience in general.See the biggest fans of this game play it to experience the idea of actually playing in the NFL and partaking In the experience we wanna feel like we’re apart of it but also feel like we’re watching it. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about as I am a huge madden fan I’ve been playing since the 90s I played joe Montana sports talk football so we’re going back. Sincerely Christopher Michael Gordon