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Madden 22 Gameplay Updates Detailed

As announced via tweet during E3, EA Sports delivered on revealing new details regarding the upcoming Madden 22. In addition to a historic two-man cover and franchise improvements,  a number of overall gameplay improvements have also been unveiled.

Madden 22 Gameplay Improvements

General gameplay improvements affect the experience across all modes. This year, players can expect unified progression for avatars and player class progression between Face of the Franchise and The Yard. In Madden Ultimate Teams, players can now make halftime adjustments to Superstar X-Factors. This allows players to counter opponent strategies and get back in the game. Additionally, adjustments to Superstar X-Factor feature updated game-changing abilities across Madden 22 that makes NFL stars feel unstoppable.

Stepping back, Face of the Franchise new has a new player class system. This aims to allow more customization than before. As mentioned, The Yard will feature an all-new single player campaign and avatar progression system. In Madden 22, The Yard and Face of the Franchise share progress, rewards and vanity.

Superstar KO in Madden 22 brings multiplayer squad play to NFL teams. This year sees the addition of real world NFL teams to the mode for the first time.

Arguably one of the biggest gameplay additions to Madden NFL 22 is the new Dynamic Gameday. Madden NFL 22 leverages next generation consoles to deliver the raw energy, emotion, and unpredictability of the NFL through brand-new Dynamic Gameday. This new system impacts gameplay across every mode. Meaning, whether playing Franchise or going head-to-head in Play Now, games will feel fresh with a deeper level of strategy and storytelling in each match-up and stadium. Unfortunately, Dynamic Gameday, Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum, Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI, Home Field Advantage, Star-Driven AI are only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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