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Madden 22 roster update

Madden 22 Week 1 Roster Update is Live

The week 1 roster update for Madden 22 went live last night, just in time for the kickoff of the NFL season. Madden gamers were wondering when the update would arrive but it looks like EA just beat the play clock. The company didn’t drop any official notes detailing the week 1 update, but Madden Franchise Designer and Ratings Adjustor, Adam Weingarten, brought a couple of things to users attention via Twitter.

Without official notes from the gaming publisher there are quite a few unknowns surrounding what exactly has been updated outside of the final 53-man roster cuts. As more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Madden 22 How to Download Week 1 Roster Update

For those who don’t know how to update their rosters in Madden 22, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Navigate to the Madden 22 home screen.
  2. Select the NFL Logo which holds the “Rosters and Playbooks” menu.
  3. Select “Edit Rosters.”
  4. Under “Manage Rosters,” navigate to the “Update Rosters” tile on the far right.
  5. Click on the tile to download the latest roster update.

If there is no update currently available, the game should let you know. For online players, the game will automatically let you know a roster update is required before jumping into any head-to-head mode. Another note, players obviously must be online in order to download the roster update.

Have you downloaded the week 1 roster update for Madden 22? What have you seen? What updates are you still waiting for from EA Sports? Drop a comment and let us know. For all the latest on Madden 22 and more, stick with Sports Gamers Online.

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