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Madden Mobile: 2017 Edition

Photo credit: EA Sports

A new season of Madden Mobile is underway. EA Sports has launched an update that brings a new experience to the game for the 2017 season, and all players need to do to access this update is log in. Rob Gronkowski is now the face of Madden Mobile, and the colossal tight end brings with him a breadth of new and overhauled features.

Live and Blitz Events

Daily updated Live and Blitz Events have returned. These daily events can help players earn some of the best rewards in the game.

QB Scramble

Quarterbacks can now take the ball and bolt away from trouble if the play breaks down or the opposing defence is applying extreme pressure.


Players can use special collectables to enhance gameplay, and unique Team Gameplan Collectables can give any member of a squad a special boost.

Photo credit: EA Sports

Binder and Set Management

The Binder—where players organize items—has received upgrades and shortcuts for some of the most used features.

Set Management has also been updated. Players can now add items and athletes to sets in batches.

New Achievements

A new list of achievements is available. As always, completing these goals rewards XP and other goodies.


Leagues have returned to Madden Mobile. Players can join or create a Madden Mobile League to team up with friends or strangers. Players can also take on other Mobile Leagues and engage in inter-league play. Certain features and rewards will only be accessible through playing in Leagues.

Madden Mobile is free-to-play for Android and iOS devices.

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