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Madden NFL 17 Best Blitzes: Dollar 3-2-6 Max Sting 3

Madden NFL 17 Best Blitzes

Today we’re going to go over one of our favorite blitzes in Madden NFL 17. It’s located in the Dollar 3-2-6 Defensive Formation and the play is called Max Sting 3.

Formation: Dollar 3-2-6
Play Name: Max Sting 3

madden 17 best blitzers dollar max sting 3

Now there’s two ways to set this up, so you can have the option of the blitz coming from either direction.

To bring the blitz from the left:

  • Crash the d-line down
  • Hot route the right slot blitzer to a zone assignment
  • Control the right-side linebacker and cover towards the middle

When you’re sending the blitz from the left, you hot route the right slot cornerback into what you expect to happen on the right side. Hitting down on the d pad puts him into a vert/hook zone, which you mainly see in Cover 2 defenses, so if the inside receiver runs a streak he’ll follow him up the seams so this is good if you’re expecting something like 4 verticals. But if such a streak doesn’t happen he’ll just sit down in his zone and play anything that comes to him.

Now if you hit right on the Dpad, he’ll now play a curl/flat assignment, which protects the intermediate outside routes first and charges up afterwards to anything thrown short, so he’ll play out routes and curls a lot better.

Lastly, by hitting the d pad to the left, puts him in a hard-flat assignment where his responsibility becomes cover anything short to the sideline at all cost and the Free Safety, whose playing a Seam/Flat assignment will convert to man on any inside receivers vertical route and depending on the route concept out breaking route, otherwise he’ll play the left flat if its threatened and if not he’ll shade any route the single receiver runs towards the sidelines. And to finish it off, by usering the right middle linebacker you clean up anything thrown towards the middle of the field.

To bring the blitz from the right:

  • Crash the dline to the right
  • hot route the right linebacker into a zone assignment
  • control the left slot blitzer to cover towards the middle of the field

When you’re sending the blitz from the right, when you hot route the right-side linebacker, it gives you a variety of intermediate and short coverage options. Hitting right on the d pad, gives him a curl/flat coverage, which as mentioned before protects the intermediate outside routes first and cleans up anything short afterwards.

Hitting the d pad down gives him a hook/curl zone which covers the general area the play is already in and hitting the d pad to the left gives him the hard flat assignment which forces him to cover the right side flats in a hurry. Cover anything towards the middle with the left side slot defender, you can get a lot of interceptions this way because your opponent might not see you come into view before it’s too late.

With any blitz, you want to take away the quick options early to force the offense to hold the ball longer giving your blitzer more time to get there, so be more aware of routes like slants and drags when you’re patrolling the middle with whoever defender you choose to control.

Checkout the video above for more details and stay tuned to SGO for all of your Madden NFL 17 news and tips.

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