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Madden NFL 17 is Finally Here

Photo credit: EA

Madden NFL 17 is finally here. The long awaited 2017 edition of the football franchise hits shelves today for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

EA has put out a press release detailing some of the exciting features that gamers will find in Madden 17 when they pick it up at their local retailer or digital shop.

In Madden 17, improvements have been made to all three phases of play: offense, defense, and special teams. A new way to play Franchise mode has also been introduced, and a new commentary team has joined the Madden family.

Automatic skill moves are now available for runners on lower difficulties, allowing new players to pull off impressive plays in every game. For veteran players, new skill moves and animations will give them a way to separate themselves from competitors.

A new feature has been added to Franchise mode as well. Play the Moments allows gamers to jump into games during key third downs, game-winning drives, and other big moments. This is the fastest way to play through a franchise. It is a feature ideal for those who just want to play through the highlights of a long season or those more interesting in the day to day operations of a GM than grinding through game after game. Big Decisions have also been added to Franchise mode. These allow players to manage every part of their team quickly and conveniently.

Real ball physics makes tipped passes even more unpredictable.

Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis have partnered with Madden as the new commentary team, bringing fresh voices to the franchise. Guadin and Davis will be recording additional commentary throughout the year that will be added to Madden 17 as it becomes available. Madden 17 has already received a pre-launch commentary update that focuses on pre-season storylines.

Madden 17 executive producer Seann Graddy had this to say about the release: “Every year our challenge is taking a franchise the fans know and love, and finding ways to make it even better. I’m consistently impressed by the passion and creativity of this team, and when I look at this game I see their love of the sport and of this franchise shine through. We are so glad the fans are finally getting their chance to see the game for themselves, and look forward to hearing their feedback.”

Madden Mobile recently launched their third season to coincide with the release of the console title. The updated mobile game has new features, challenges, and rosters.

Anyone who is an EA Access member can receive a 10 percent discount by purchasing a digital copy of Madden NFL 17 on Xbox Live.

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