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Marshawn Lynch Stars In A Unique New Madden 18 Ad For Xbox One X

Madden 18

With the playoffs underway, it makes sense to release a new Madden 18 advertisement for the Xbox One X. Somehow, another Madden commercial featuring Marshawn Lynch talking to his own hand puppet just seems to work for Microsoft and Madden fans alike.

Marshawn and Me

The Oakland Raiders running back is somewhat known for his public speaking, or rather lack thereof. However, Lynch seems to have found his comfort zone making Madden 18 commercials featuring Microsoft’s Xbox One. Here’s the newest “Me and Marshawn” commercial.

You might recognize the voice that plays his hand, or #BabyBeastMode as Xbox named him, as belonging to the famous comedian Kevin Hart. Hart has provided the comedic talent for the Xbox Madden commercials for several years dating back to Madden NFL 15.

Xbox One X’s new ad campaign, “Me and Marshawn,” feature a back and forth exchange instead of actual game gameplay itself.

The ad released in early December showing the two arguing over Lynch’s Super Bowl Championship ring. It’s certainly unique and the ads are actually pretty funny.

The new “Me and Marshawn” commercial was posted on Xbox’s official YouTube channel just yesterday, January 7, and is likely to start making its way into this weekend’s divisional round television ads.

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