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Madden NFL 20 Club Championship: Preview, Predictions and How to Watch


The Madden Club Championship is without a doubt the most competitive and entertaining eSports tournament for EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise. This week, 32 individual club champions will compete in Redwood City, California to hopefully be crowned the overall Madden NFL 20 Club Champion and take home $100,000. The overall prize pool is over $700,000. Here is a complete preview of the Madden 20 Club Championship.


Below is a complete list of all of the club champions and the tournament bracket.

  • New England Patriots – Skimbo
  • New York Jets – AKG
  • Buffalo Bills – SteveyJ
  • Miami Dolphins – zThumbsUp
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Deliverance
  • Baltimore Ravens – Thunderball
  • Cincinnati Bengals – FreeThePenguins
  • Cleveland Browns – Joke
  • Indianapolis Colts – LilMan
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Drini
  • Houston Texans – Millz
  • Tennessee Titans – Chritobin
  • Los Angeles Chargers – MaddenElite
  • Kansas City Chiefs – Young Tony
  • Oakland Raiders – Pavan
  • Denver Broncos – Turbo Jeff
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Henry
  • New York Giants – Evil O
  • Dallas Cowboys – UserGawd
  • Washington Redskins – Tekkerz
  • Green Bay Packers – Schemin
  • Chicago Bears – BG Fam
  • Minnesota Vikings – Phenom
  • Detroit Lions – Radiant
  • Atlanta Falcons – Boogz
  • New Orleans Saints – Nick Hacko
  • Carolina Panthers – OneGreatUser
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Civil
  • Seattle Seahawks – DCroft
  • Los Angeles Rams – BeastModeMac
  • Arizona Cardinals – Volterax
  • San Francisco 49ers – zTreKingz


The Club Championship is by far the most competitive tournament in the Madden Championship Series (MCS), as so many big names fail to even win their individual club. Problem (Chargers), Wesley/Joe Rice (Texans), Serious Moe (Chiefs), Gos (Redskins), Drag (Packers), Canes (Bears), Young Kiv (Seahawks), Cleff (Buccaneers) are just a few of the well-known names that didn’t win their individual club and won’t be competing this week.

Gos (Redskins) was the overall Club Champion in Madden 18, defeating Problem (Chargers). Pavan is the defending champion, however, and is back to represent his Raiders.

Since the Club Championship began in Madden 18, only four players have qualified for the live event all three years. Pavan (Raiders), Joke (Browns) and Deliverance (Steelers) are all three-peat club winners, while Drini (Broncos, Cowboys, Jaguars) has won a different club in each of the three years.


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