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Madden NFL 20 November Title Update Adds New X-Factor Ability


Today, EA Sports released a pivotal title update for Madden NFL 20. In correlation with the patch, EA also dropped another edition of Gridiron Notes, containing all of the patch notes for today’s update. Today’s patch includes various changes to key modes, including Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), franchise, general online gampeplay and more. Here is a detailed breakdown of what’s included in today’s title update.


Per EA, the key updates in today’s patch are as follows:

  • Mid-Season Playbook Update
    • DEV NOTE: We’ve been focused on studying what NFL teams have been doing on the defensive side of the ball up to this point in the season. Today’s update reflects the first wave of updates to defensive playbooks, with even more coming in the future. Details about these new defensive sets, such as Nickel Triple and Nickel 2-4-5 Odd, in addition to a number of offensive updates, can be found below in the ‘Gameplay’ section of the notes. All new plays and formations are available within Custom Playbooks.
  • New ‘Fifth-Year Option’ Contract Scenarios in Franchise
  • New X-Factor Ability: ‘Omaha’
    • Inspired by Ultimate Team Legend QB Peyton Manning, this ability allows the QB to see defensive-back coverage play-art via pre-play coach cam when in the zone. This can be unlocked with 4 consecutive completions of 5+ air yards on Arcade & Simulation, and 6 consecutive completed passes of 5+ air yards on Competitive. Knockout conditions include 2 incomplete passes, or any INT, sack or fumble. Defenders can ‘hide’ their assignments from the QB by using the ‘Bluff Blitz’ hot route.
      • Franchise requirements: Available as a Zone ability for Field General QB’s
      • Ultimate Team requirements: Currently only available on Peyton Manning

The online meta since Madden 20’s release has been a run heavy offense and a blitz happy defense. Competitive Madden players, when playing one another, pass less than 10 times per game. Running the ball this much has caused players to notice significant flaws in AI defenders. Specifically, pursuit angles and tackling are two of the biggest issues.

Today’s patch appears to try to address a lot of the tackling problems players have experienced for the better part of two months. If a future patch can tune or improve defensive pursuit logic, the running meta may finally change.

You can read more about the Madden NFL 20 November title update notes here.

How are you enjoying Madden NFL 20? What do you think of these patch notes? Do you think these changes will change the run heavy meta online? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO on YouTube.

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