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Madden NFL Mobile 16: Season Score


As many of you know, the new season of Madden is just around the corner, and with that being said, a significant amount of people are wondering how Madden Mobile will deal with the new season. There has been speculation that Madden Mobile may stay the same, reset within the current application, or reset within a brand new application, however, it has now been confirmed that Madden Mobile will stay as is with an in-app reset.

In response to this announcement, many players have become upset because they will be losing the team that they put all of their hard-work and effort into. But have no fear because MADDEN MOBILE SEASON SCORE IS HERE!!!

What is Season Score in Madden Mobile?

Madden Mobile’s “Season Score” feature is a means of measuring the work put into the current season Madden, and based on that score, giving players boosts at the beginning of the next season. On August 19th, players will be rewarded “Kickoff Packs” based on their season score.

How is my Season Score measured?

Every player’s Season Score is based on a variety of categories. Said categories go as follows:

  • Overall Rating
  • Your Level as a player
  • Seasons Play progress
  • Sets that you’ve completed
  • Achievements you’ve earned

As you improve your score in each of the previous categories, you will then receive more rewards in the next season of Madden NFL Mobile

What will happen to my current team?

Because players have worked endlessly into creating the best team for the current season of Madden Mobile, players’ final roster will be placed into the history books as a “Legacy Team”. Players will be able to visit a Trophy Room anytime to look back and enjoy their perfect squad from the previous season of Madden NFL Mobile. In addition, players will also be able to play with their Legacy Team on a limited basis in special live events when the new season begins. Remember, your final roster is locked and completed on August 15, 2015.

Season Score has begun to show itself in the current season of Madden NFL Mobile. Though it is in its preliminary stages, it is important to keep up with the growing content. Make sure to check your Season Score today and learn how to improve it so that you can optimize your rewards for the next season of Madden! Also subscribe to my channel and check in to :Sports Gamers Online daily for all the latest Madden NFL Mobile 16 news!

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