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NBA 2K16 Offensive Tips: Money Plays For Easy Points Part 2

NBA 2K16 Offensive Tips Money Plays OKC

Welcome to Part 2 of our favorite plays in NBA 2K16 and the goal with each video is to help you understand how and why each play works. By the end of the series you should be equipped with a full arsenal of plays to use on your opponents.

The first play we will go over is Quick 1 Flex Hip. Its’s purpose is to get whoever you call the play for three separate chances to score. You bring the ball to the top of the key with the guy you called the play for and the first action is the big will set a screen for the other big man running across the free throw line. If he’s open by the time he reaches the 3pt line you can pass to him for an open drive or 3.

But if he’s covered you wait until the big who originally set the screen for him to come towards you before you pass the ball. If your opponent is user defending you, it makes it harder for them to jump the pass if they think you have a screen going the other way lined up. What happens is instead of running the pick n roll the initial ball handler will receive an off ball screen from the big man. You can sometimes catch user defenders ball watching when you pass it for a split second and that’s sometimes all it takes to get an open look.

If the defender fights through the screen, our guy will cut to the hoop looking for a layup. And if he’s still not open he will set a screen towards the basket for the guy in the corner. If he doesn’t pop open down low he will still get some of the attention of your opponent on him instead of the real threat…the initial ball handler receiving another screen popping out to the 3pt line. Quick 1 flex hip works best if the guy you called it for can shoot as it gets him two separate chances at an open shot but can work as a catch and drive off the open looks for those who are better at driving.

The next play we will go over is Fist 25 Give 12 Horns. What we like about this play is it makes faster guys seem faster and gives guys who struggle to beat their man off the dribble better opportune to attack. Its set up the same way as Quick 1 Flex Hip, except the guy you called the play for is off the ball now. The play starts with one of the bigmen (usually the power forward) setting a screen for the ball handler where he can then drive or shoot an open shot, but if the defense defends the screen well, the guy you called the play for runs around the ball handler. Where then he can drive or stretch the play to the other side of the court, where he receives a screen himself if the defender is still attached to the ball handler.

It’s guaranteed to leave one guy open, whether it’s from the ball handler out running his man, receiving a screen on the other side, or the help defender picking him up and having a guy open in the corner. It’s perfect for when you need a go to play at the end of games.

Stay tuned to more NBA 2K16 Offensive Tips like these and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for the latest tips and news from 2K and your favorite sports games!

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