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Streaker Immortalized in Tecmo Super Bowl Parody

Look. I’m not here to reminisce about what happened at Super Bowl LV. If you’re like me, you don’t want to hear more about Tompa. I’ll spare us both. However, one moment shined brighter than the big game itself. One man ran onto the field, and attempted to go end zone to end zone. It was, by far, the most exciting drive of the game, and one fan on Twitter has recreated the streaker as a classic Tecmo Super Bowl play.

While many outlets simulated Super Bowl LV in Madden NFL 21, Twitter user Benstonium took a step into the past. This Tecmo Super Bowl remix is true to the sights and sounds, while adding a modern touch to the Buccaneers’ end zone. For safety reasons, I wish the crowd would have been a little less full, though digital fans and cardboard fans are at least pretty similar. The digital fans in Tecmo Super Bowl’s stands are as healthy as those who watched this year’s Pro Bowl.

This streaker run is easily the second most impressive run I’ve ever seen in Tecmo Super Bowl. While his two broken tackles are impressive, it simply cannot top the incredible feats of Tecmo Super Bowl Bo Jackson. Benstonium at least gives the streaker the benefit of the doubt by letting him score a touchdown in his recreation. The real streaker slides just short of the goal line. Maybe he was doing it for the love of the game? Perhaps he did not want to show-up Kansas City by scoring more touchdowns in the Super Bowl than they did. Likely, his stunt had already been enough free advertising for the adult website printed across his bathing suit. Either way, the $500 bail he posted up the next morning must have been a bittersweet nightcap on a wild 100 yard sprint.

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