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Sunday Rivals’ Newest Update Released

Developer 26K continues to work hard on its Sunday Rivals indie title. The game is currently in early access via Steam, and a full release is just over the horizon. 

Stay tuned over the upcoming weeks for an announcement regarding the release date and final price! 

However, while the wait is on for a fully completed release, Sunday Rivals has gotten a new update. The latest update brings significant AI improvements on both sides of the football field and adds new sliders. 

The new sliders allow early access players to change pass disruption and fumbles. So, you will need to readjust your sliders if you have existing slider settings. 

Check out the patch notes below for more on the latest Sunday Rivals update.

Sunday Rivals Update V.21.0


  • Players can now fumble the ball on plays from scrimmage
  • Replaced ‘inside 20’ punting stat with ‘pins’, awarded when the ball is downed inside the 5
  • Improvements made to player pursuit angles when players are parallel to each other
  • Improved AI runner’s breakpoint on outside runs
  • AI receiver’s awareness when the quarterback is scrambling
  • Improved AI running logic after a turnover
  • Passes can no longer be dislodged when a player is on the ground after a dive
  • Increased likelihood of tipped passes in all directions
  • Increased likelihood AI will choose to kick their extra point if it will win the game


  • Added pass disruptions and fumble difficulty sliders
  • Cleared custom difficulty save file
  • All slider descriptions
  • Preset difficulties
  • Rebalanced difficulty values for 12 sliders


  • celebration cutscene for defensive fumble recoveries
  •  celebration cutscene for pins
  • Added more randomization to player reactions and celebration animations
  • Cleaned up improper player and sideline reactions
  •  up rotation jitter for unengaged blockers
  • Cleaned up animation for ball carriers who are tackled while getting up from the ground


  • After a Season Mode game, the frontend will return you back to the Season Mode menu
  • Removed auto patching for pre v.17 rosters and new players at startup
  • Updated help popup text for player ratings


  • Created animated event text and added support for fumbles
  • Updated summary screen with support for team stat totals and additional stats
  • Brightened the line of scrimmage


  • Fixed a bug where the description for ‘Pacific’ weather used info from ‘Northwest’.

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