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Sunday Rivals Out of Early Access and Launches on Steam

Developer 26k announced Sunday Rivals has finally exited its Early Access phase on Steam.  Following the conclusion of its campaign, fans can officially purchase the game for $19.99.

Sunday Rivals Now Available

 For the uninitiated, Sunday Rivals offers a hard-hitting, arcade football experience. With simple controls and streamlined playbooks, anyone can pick up and play. Once players have the feel for things on the field, they can tailor the game to suit their tastes. From stadium colors, grass types, as well as endzone text, players can customize their game from the bottom up. This also includes coaching strategies and team playbooks.

Furthermore, over the course of the game, player can experience the dynamic weather system. Pouring rain turns grass to mud, rough affects kicks, and thickening fog limits visibility as day turns into night. Sunday Rivals also features:

  • Exhibition mode includes local player vs player
  • AI vs AI letting players sit back and watch
  • Custom skill levels with sliders to adjust for balance
  • Headhunter, a 4 game, single-elimination tournament with point scoring using a fantasy football-style system
  • Quick games offering no penalties and an accelerated game clock to keep the game moving

One of Sunday Rivals major draws is its Season mode. Season Mode lets players take the reins of a single team and guide them through the rigors of a full year. Each season features sortable player stats, league leaders, weekly awards, custom lineups, and the ability to play, sim, or coach any game on the schedule. With support for custom league and schedule options, players will have total control to create an unforgettable season.

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