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Top Team in Madden 15

As we tear open our copies of EA Sports Madden NFL 15 this season, we ask ourselves many questions.  Which players will dominate in the open field making defenders and subsequently users look silly?  Which QB’s are the ones to own and build you franchise around?  And which teams are the top dogs of the Madden Season?

As Madden imitates real life more and more, there is no argument that the top two teams you’ll be seeing online this season are the defending champion Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers.  Two nasty, in your face, old-school teams get the nod this season as the two best.  But which is the absolute cream of the crop?

When a running a comparison of the two, the realization that the teams are built similarly is evident.  Both have mobile QB’s.  Both have a power running game.  Both have a great pass rush.  Both have a hard-hitting secondary.  Both have plenty of weapons on the offensive side.




You cannot get much better than Russell Wilson at QB.  The man is mobile with an 86 SPD, 92 ACC and 74 ELU at the QB position.  In addition, he possesses a 93 THP to go along with his 87, 83, 89 THA’s.  So, much like Kaepernick, he can be used in a variety of ways.  The edge will go to Wilson though for his accuracy advantage despite Kap being a bit faster and harder throwing.

Run Game

Much like every comparison between these two teams, they will all be close calls and nitpicking.  The Seattle run game will get the nod here as with Marshawn Lynch, you cannot go wrong.  Already, not even a week into gameplay, as players everywhere are noticing that the A and B gaps are for the taking in the M15 run game.  Out with the “outside” run and in with the power game.  Lynch and his 99 TRK ability will do much damage this season.


LOB…the Legion of Boom.  Not in a while have we seen such a collection of talent in one secondary.  The cover boy is the top rated CB in the game; Kam Chancellor hits everything that moves; and Earl Thomas is a ball-hawking fool.  Much like real life, Cover 3 will run rampid for these boys.



Offensive Weapons

Another close call on this one, but the 49ers get the nod here as TE Vernon Davis makes up much of the difference.  Davis still has incredible speed at a 90 SPD and 92 ACC rating.  An issue to deal with is the lack of speed at the WR position, but all 3 guys guys are solid vets, and we’ve noticed that speed isn’t as big a deal at the WR position in this game.  RTE and CIT is enormous in comparison.  Things would be a ton different here if Seattle WR Percy Harvin didn’t have a 75 INJ rating.

Front 7

MLB’s Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman make up what is the best 1-2 punch at the ILB position in the game.  Although creeping up there in age, Willis still holds a 90 SPD and 97 POW rating.  Edge Rusher Aldon Smith is a beast with his 96 ACC and 99 PMV, making any QB and OL shiver in their sleep.

Offensive Line

Another very close call, but the 49ers raw strength on the Oline is what put them over the top.  LT Joe Staley is still one of the best in the business with an OVR of 95.  And LG Mike Lupati brings a STR rating of 97 to the table every Sunday.




Obviously there is no wrong team to choose here.  While Seattle has the overall higher rating, the 49ers have a few more players rated in the 90’s.  The best way to approach the situation on which team to choose is based on your play style.  Which scheme do you like more?  the 4-3 or 3-4, as this is the only difference between the two teams.  If your a 4-3 loving fool than choose the Seahawks and never look back.  If you prefer the bulk of the 3-4, then roll with the 49ers as the Top Team in Madden 15.


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