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Top Three Retro NFL Games That We Still Play

The sports gaming scene in today’s world is big business. From playing online with your friends to entering competitions where you can win prizes, a lot of gamers love it. However with all the top-notch graphics and gameplay, sometimes fans want to go back to the good old days when gaming first started. The nostalgia that comes back when you first start up the old retro games is a thing of beauty.

On the, they have made a list of the best ever retro video games made and we take a look at three of the best.

An NFL retro game that fans can’t seem to stop playing is Tecmo Super Bowl on the old NES. The game was first released way back in 1991 it was a huge hit with football fans and with its unique controls, fans were made to feel like they were actually on the field playing.

Even in 2021, the game is still going strong and to the extent where it is included as part of their “game day” routine, along with all the glorious foods and betting on the day’s games with This is ample evidence of the game’s ongoing appeal.

The next retro game on the list is NFL Blitz. This one started as your normal arcade game and as the advancements in technology greatly changed, it made the transition over to the Nintendo 64. In doing so, NFL Blitz became one of the best American football video games that have ever been produced.

With the COVID pandemic wreaking havoc in 2020 and still in 2021, like other classic games such as Goldeneye and even Mario Kart, this timeless NFL game has been on the rise when it comes to popularity. This is because of the actual gameplay rather than the lower graphics. It was still a fan favorite with the late hits on players being a go-to move for fans who played against their friends.

The last of the retro NFL games is Joe Montana Football. Sometimes, gamers revert to an old classic like Joe Montana Football not because the game itself is really good, but rather the emotions and memories that it brings back to the players.

Joe Montana Football, while not the best game ever made back in the day as it was pretty poor in most areas, it is still an exceptionally good go-to game for players who have a soft spot for the old Sega console. Despite all its shortcomings as a video game, if you ask any San Francisco fan, they will tell you it was the best game ever made.

Unfortunately, like the other two titles mentioned above, Sega would end up being taken over by EA Sports as each company battled for the best video games. Despite Madden being the No.1 NFL game in today’s world, Joe Montana Football is still a great game to play when you feel like going back in time.

Tecmo Super Bowl, NFL Blitz, and Joe Montana Football are three of the best retro football video games that NFL fans resort to if they want a trip down memory lane. Despite Madden being such a global phenomenon, nothing can replace the feelings, emotions, and memories that come flooding back when these games are fired back up.

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