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NHL 94 Rewind Live For Folks Who Pre-Ordered NHL 21

NHL 94 Rewind, the throwback to the classic SNES and Genesis game NHL 94, is live… sort of. EA announced today that players who pre-ordered NHL 21 have access to NHL 94 Rewind starting today. It was a pre-order bonus, after all.

At the beginning of October (years ago, at this point), EA announced NHL 94 Rewind would be a bonus for folks who pre-ordered NHL 21. The NHL throwback mode is a throwback in the purest sense. We’re talking new rating system, couch co-op only, no roster updates. Straightforward, pixelated hockey.

The new rating system has shaken up NHL 21’s Top 10 OVR. Huge benefits to the top four, with Oilers center Connor McDavid becoming an honorary member of the 99 Club (or has he become a past member of the 99 Club? Does this count as time travel?). Fellow Oiler Leon Draisaitl received a bit of disrespect, dropping out of the top 5 but keeping his 92 OVR. Venerable cover star The Great Eight becomes The Great 95. You’ll have to dig in to see who else has moved where.

I Wanna Play NHL 94 Rewind, But I’ve Never Pre-Ordered A Game!

If you didn’t pre-order NHL 21, don’t fret. EA also tweeted that more players would have the opportunity to play NHL 94 Rewind soon, potentially as early as December.

If you’re itching to play the throwback mode with others, but don’t feel safe sitting on their couch because, well, the pandemic, there’s some good news for you as well. NHL producer Sean Ramjagsingh mentioned that if NHL 94 Rewind gets popular, and enough people want it, they would consider building online multiplayer into the mode.

Got your hands on NHL 94 Rewind? Love it, or hate it? Sign up for the forums and share your thoughts. Bummed you didn’t pre-order? Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss news or updates on when 94 Rewind is available for the rest of us.

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