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Madden 22 Home Field Advantage

Madden 22: Every Home Field Advantage

In Madden 22, one of the biggest gameplay additions comes in the form of home field advantage. Part of the game’s “Dynamic Gameday” elements, each team in Madden 22 will have a distinct advantage over the visiting opponent.

While some involve scrambled play art on the field others can impact how you kick the ball during a field goal attempt. In total there are 32 different home field advantages in Madden 22, so let’s get into what they are thanks to YouTuber Zirksee.

One thing to note is that this feature is only available on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of Madden 22

Madden 22 Home Field Advantage for Every Team

  • Arizona Cardinals – Rise Up Red C (Cardinals gain momentum quicker)
  • Atlanta Falcons – Rise Up (Home team gains bonus momentum on offense)
  • Baltimore Ravens – Truzz the System (While winning, home team gets bonus momentum on running plays)
  • Buffalo Bills – Downwind (Away team kick meter moves erratically)
  • Carolina Panthers – Keep Pounding (Home team has more stamina during plays)
  • Chicago Bears – Bear Down (Away team’s kick meter moves faster on the downswing)
  • Cincinnati Bengals – Who Dey? (No huddle results in reduced clock runoff)
  • Cleveland Browns – Dog Pound (Hot routes in the red zone have a chance to fail)
  • Dallas Cowboys – Deflected (Away team’s punt distance is shortened if kicking across 50-yard line)
  • Denver Broncos – Mile High (Away team has less stamina for plays)
  • Detroit Lions – Motor City (Home team accelerates slightly quicker)
  • Green Bay Packers – Go Pack Go (Momentum gains are increased for home team)
  • Houston Texans – The Bullpen (Away team gains less momentum for touchdown)
  • Indianapolis Colts – Hat Count (Home team defense sees hat count via Coach Cam)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Duvall (Bonus momentum on touchdowns)
  • Kansas City Chiefs – Home of the Chiefs (Away team’s audibles have a chance of failing)
  • Las Vegas Raiders – Just Win Baby (When winning, home team has increased momentum gain/fatigue recovery)
  • Los Angeles Chargers – Bolt Up (Chargers gain bonus momentum for yardage gains)
  • Los Angeles Rams – Rams House (Home team has bonus momentum on defensive stops)
  • Miami Dolphins – Home team fatigue is slower
  • Minnesota Vikings – Skull (Home team is slightly faster in the red zone)
  • New England Patriots – Our House (Home team gains bonus momentum on touchdowns/3rd down stops)
  • New Orleans Saints – Who Dat (Away team receivers can mistakenly get incorrect routes on 3rd & 4th downs)
  • New York Giants – Turf War (Away team fatigues quicker)
  • New York Jets – Turf War (Away team fatigues quicker)
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Linked In (Momentum gains increased for Home team, decreased for away)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Terribly Distracting (Away team’s hot routes have a chance of faion 3rd & 4th downs)
  • San Francisco 49ers – Unstable Ground (Away team has an increasingly hard time changing directions)
  • Seattle Seahawks – The 12s (Away team has distorted play on 3rd & 4th downs)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Fire the Cannon (Home team recovers fatigue upon entering red zone)
  • Tennessee Titans – Titan Up (Home team has improved blocking, avoids holding penalties)
  • Washington Football Team – Unstable Ground (Away team has an increasingly hard time changing directions)

What do you think of the advantages in Madden 22? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more

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6 months ago

Another reason to dislike Madden none of this except crowd noise and weather affects gameplay in real life s9 why put this gimmicky stuff in there what do we have to do to get a Madden thats not full of gimmicks and superhero type gameplay