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MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode, Regional Covers and Twitch Stream Details

Following the holiday season, Ramone Russell and the team at San Diego Studio released a video revealing a few more details on Retro mode, regional athlete covers and Twitch stream schedules leading up to the launch of “MLB The Show 17.”

Retro Mode

First up, Russell dives into Retro mode’s gameplay. In Retro mode, San Diego Studio builds around the usage of one button, X. By simplifying the mechanics and watering down the majority of the pitcher’s stats to three core principles (velocity, break and control), San Diego Studio really aims to hone in on the pitcher-vs-batter experience and make it very bare bones. Three pitch types will be available: fastball, changeup and slider. All the pitches are committed by using the left thumbstick in conjunction with X. The other attributes like velocity and direction are determined by the player manipulating the analog stick right before releasing the pitch. Retro mode is also outfitted with new animations, gameplay adjustments and improvements from the base game.

Regional Cover Athletes

Following the details of Retro mode, San Diego Studio unveils two regional athlete covers for Taiwan and Canada.

Canada Cover Athlete

Thanks to his role in helping the Blue Jays make it to the post season two years running, 2016 American All-Star, Aaron Sanchez makes the Canada front cover.

Taiwan Cover Athlete

Wei-Yen Chen, starting pitcher for the Miami Marlins, will be gracing the front cover for the Taiwan edition.

Twitch Stream Specials

In a short two minute video on Russell’s official Playstation blog, San Diego Studio sets the schedule for their Twitch stream detailing features from gameplay to graphical improvements. Details below:

Stream Lineups
MLB The Show 17 Twitch Schedule

“MLB The Show 17” Pre-order Summary

Pre-order “MLB The Show 17” to receive 10 bonus Standard Packs and a Ken Griffey Jr. Card.

Pre-order from Gamestop/EB games to receive an additional 5 Standard Packs.

Pre-order through the Playstation store to receive the 10 Standard Packs, Ken Griffey Jr. card and instantly get 11,000 Stubs.

Opting-in for Season Starter Packs

Lastly, San Diego Studio outlines a few benefits of engaging in Season Starter Packs for “MLB The Show 17.”

  • Gold Season Starter Pack: One item for a mission starter that leads to a Gold player.
  • Sponsor Pack: 5 pieces of equipment to use in Road To The Show/Diamond Dynasty (RTTS/DD) and 3 Franchise sponsorships.
  • Diamond Season Starter Pack: One item for a mission starter that leads to a Diamond player.
  • Digital Deluxe Pack: 6 items – 4 players, 1 guaranteed Live Series Gold player, and 1 guaranteed Flashback.
  • Standard Pack: 8 items – 6 Players and 2 items (either RTTS/Diamond Dynasty Player equipment or Franchise Sponsorship).

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