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NBA 2K18 Dribbling Tutorial – How To Master Dribbling

NBA 2K18 Dribble Moves

We’re back with another tips and tricks video via YouTube. This time, we are getting back to the fundamentals with showing you how to master the dribble moves in NBA 2K18. As always, we provide you with a how-to video and written breakdown. You can catch the video above or on YouTube. For the written, simply continue reading below.

Signature Rhythm Dribble

Controls: You activate this by flicking the right stick towards the basket. New to this year, simply double tapping the L2/LT button while standing still and the ball handler will perform his own signature size up dribble.

Obviously, given the name you will run across different ones. Some will let you explode out easier than others. Some only last for a second or two. Others will pull off a bunch of moves in quick succession making their rhythm dribble a deadly move on its own. Take somebody like Jamal Crawford for example who has a bunch of lunges forward and And1 dribble moves in his.

In and Out Dribble

Controls: You do this by holding RT/R2 and flicking the right stick towards the hoop.

The point of this move is to get your defender to bite on the direction you faked. You can then go back the other way or freeze him just enough so that you can blow by him.


Controls: To pull this off, you push the right stick towards the hand you currently have the ball in.

It’s effective because, you’re making the defender uncomfortable by changing up how fast you’re moving with the ball. As a result, it makes them uncertain to what you’re doing, ultimately, causing them to sometimes freeze in place and either get easily blown or give up an uncontested jumper. You basically have the defender on a string using this.

Hesitation Escape

Controls: This is done by hitting RT/R2, then flicking the right stick towards the ball hand.

It’s the hesitation dribble with sideways or backwards movement afterwards to create separation for a jumper.

Cross Over

Controls: To pull this off, you push the right stick towards your off-ball hand or a tap of the L2/LT button.

This a counter to defenders who over commit on the drive. You cross the ball over to the other side, leaving the defender grabbing air. It’s great as a counter against defenders trying to defend the pick and roll.

Cross Over Escape

Controls: You hold RT/R2, then flick the right stick to your off ball hand.

This, like the hesitation escape, adds a sideways or step back animation giving you room to pull up for a jumper.

Between the Legs Cross

Controls: You aim the right stick to the heel of your off ball hand or tap the L2/LT button to perform a between the legs action. So, if the ball is in your left hand, you aim down and to the right and visa versa.

It changes your direction without losing much momentum while still protecting the ball.

Behind the Back Dribble

Controls: To perform a behind the back dribble you hit L2/LT or move the right stick away from the hoop.

Going behind the back completely protects the ball from the defender while you change directions.

Step Back

Controls: You hold RT/R2 and then flick the right stick away from the hoop.

This can create tons of separation depending on how aggressive the defender was guarding you. It uses their momentum against them. By pulling back, you can end up wide open for a jumper.

Spin Move

Controls: To pull this off, you can either double tap L2/LT or rotate the right stick from the ball hand around your players back.

This is a way to create daylight for yourself from defenders who cut off your initial move. This should help you spin off of them, freeing up space for a drive going the other way. You don’t want to do this when the defender is already giving you room to drive; only when they cut you of.

Half Spin

Controls: To do a half spin, simply rotate the right stick from your ball hand to the hoop.

The purpose of this, much like the in and out, is to get the defenders to respect the threat of you going the other way by respecting the possibility of a spin move. Either by overplaying it or freezing in place, opening up a drive into the lane.

Combo Moves

You can unlock some pretty nice dribble combo moves by attempting the different dribble moves I just went over twice in a row very quickly. Some players, when performing a behind combo, unlock some crazy animations. So, try them out with different players and see what you can come up with.

Alright Sports Gamers, hopefully this tutorial helped you improve your dribbling skills. Make sure you check back here daily for more NBA 2K18 content.

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